Censorship on Hive?


Censorship is good or bad? I don't really know. But again things censored people feel like there is no freedom of speech.

Platforms like Youtube and Facebook etc do censore things when they think that its objectionable or probably not happy with it.

But as for as platforms like Hive is concerned, there is no censorship. Everyone is free to share thier views. But does it mean they should attack others? I don't think so.

The positive point here is that people can downvote the content if it is abusing. So it's sort of censorship, downvoting bad content.

Since we don't have any censorship out here on Hive, so it's good to use your downvote power to hide the content that is abusive.

And I think it's an obligation for us all to downvote abusive contents.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean that one can write anything he wants if it's also abusive. No way, people should use downvote power against it then.

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