Bitcoin Standing Through the Hard Times


With many of the critics of cryptocurrencies we still see bitcoin flourishing and is now trading more than $64400 dollars as of I am writing this post.

I mean I have seen these attacks on cryptos since I have been in the crypto world. And the fun part is that if I am not wrong, I think the flow of these criticism increases when Bitcoin goes to a higher price.

Since 2009 from the launch of Bitcoin, it has stood firm through all these years and now some people are talking of Bitcoin might hit $100k mark.

It was the Bitcoin when people used to buy Pizza with many of the Bitcoins and now look at its worth.

Huge number of people accross the globe now are involved in cryptocurrencies and have their stakes in it.

Big companies have been looking into blockchain and some of them are using this blockchain technology.

I think governments should try to support the blockchain and utilize it to the best of their interest. They should look deeper into this technology instead of banning it or putting hurdles in the way of those who use cryptos legally.

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