Beware of the Hackers on Hive | They are Still Out There


Lately we have seen @mad-runner compromising his Hive account to a hacker. We don't know exactly how his account is being compromised but you can read about it here.

We feel sorry for your loses and our sympathies are with you @mad-runner. I hope you get compensated here for your loses.

These idiot hackers doesn't seem to stop. They will continue looking for your weak points and will try to penetrate through it.

It's a lesson for us to keep your keys safe and secure. If you are not sharing your PC or Laptop just keep it safe with a password.

And if it is shared with someone, keep your email password and other passwords safe.

I myself lost all my Hive keys by discard a draft in gmail mistakenly where I kept my keys but luckily I had my Active Key in phones clipboard.

Don't do my like stupidity as well. I think you should save your keys in two or three places offline. And make sure that no one can break into it.

Don't click on any suspicious links as we have seen it before compromising a few accounts.

Stay alert, good to have an updated anti-virus and never share your passwords anywhere.


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