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Well, after seeing that dunksocial had created a Facebook page, I decided to play around it a bit. I must say that this is the first time I'm using my socials for cross interactions, that is, giving it away in the process of promotion.

This is the stage at which I found the dunksocial page below :


There you'd see 46,that was when I decided that I may as well do something outrageous, so boom, I clicked 1997 invites.


Well, I got 39 responses which you can see at the very top, if we're being real, most of them may not really know much about basketball, but I suppose that the more clicks we get, the more chances of getting crawled on socials. I did this process with two accounts, and watched the numbers climb above 100.

Though I totally killed my social grounds way back but I haven't lost views yet.

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