Meet Reazul Iqbal: Talented Bot Creator for Steem and Discord

We recently did an interview with Reazul Iqbal, a very talented and prolific developer of Steem bots and apps. Reazul has only been a part of the Steemit ecosystem since January, buthe has already written several very useful bots for Steemians including Where to Trade Steem (WTT Steem), mTask - an app similar to Fiverr, Noble Bot, and several Discord bots.

Check out the video below for more details on how these bots work and how they can help the Steem community.

If you are an aspiring app developer, you may find Reazul’s journey to becoming a Steem Dapp dev insightful.

Be sure to check out his blog @reazuliqbal to see what new projects he’s working on and take a look at Noble Bot @noblebot to stay up on updates and new features.

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