Programming - Can I run a Dual Monitor Setup? (C Code)

    Hello again! It's me drifter1 and I'm thinking of buying 2 new Monitors to make an Dual-Monitor Setup! It's boring to calculate again and again using mathematics (law of cosines) if 2 monitors with specific length (not diagonal monitor size, but horizontal) fit on an specific desk. So, I created a simple Code in C that uses the Law of Cosines and returns the number of degrees in which we have to put those 2 monitors so that they fit into the Desk. It also continues on calculating to check if we can have them stand out some cm's so that they become straight!

C Code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>

int main(){
    int mon_length;
    int desk_length;
    // get inputs
    printf("Monitor Length: ");
    scanf("%d", &mon_length);
    printf("Desk Length: ");
    scanf("%d", &desk_length);
    // check if they fit straight directly
    if(mon_length*2 <= desk_length){
 printf("\nThey fit straight!\n");
 return 0;
    // calculate degrees with law of cosines
    double square_mon = pow(mon_length, 2);
    double square_desk = pow(desk_length, 2);
    double cosc = 
    (2 * square_mon - square_desk) / (2 * square_mon);
    double c = acos(cosc);
    printf("\nAngle to put in:\n");
    printf("%.2f degrees\n\n", c*180/3.1415);
    // calculate again with stand outs
    // until we again are straight
    int stand_out = 1;
    while(mon_length *2 > desk_length + stand_out){   
 printf("With %d over desk:\n", stand_out);
 double square_desk_over = pow(desk_length + stand_out, 2);
 double cosc_over = 
        (2 * square_mon - square_desk_over) / (2 * square_mon);
 double c_over = acos(cosc_over);
 printf("%.2f degrees\n\n", c_over*180/3.1415);
    printf("After that they fit straight!\n");

Example Execution:

   Suppose I want to buy 2 Monitors that are over 20 and under 30 inches diagonally. I do some research and I think of buying 2 IPS Monitors that are 24 or 27 inches. The 24" one has a horizontal length of 55cm and the 27" one a horizontal length of 61cm. My desk is 110cm long.

So, I come up with those results:

24" monitor:

Monitor Length: 55

Desk Length: 110

They fit straight!

27" monitor:

Monitor Length: 61

Desk Length: 110

Angle to put in:

128.75 degrees

And it continues on giving me values depending on the stand out, until we are over 11cm, where they fit straight!

    So, then I can say, yeah the first ones fit and don't stand out when put straight, and the second ones will need some kind of angle that I will do getting either of the 2, and I can then buy depending not on size, but on budget and features!

Hope you enjoyed this post! 

     It is not something I thought of uploading, but I'm really thinking of buying 2 Monitors and so I went into creating this Code that let's me calculate if the monitors fit. I don't want to put them into an too big degree and I also don't have a lot of room of stand out at the sides of the desk. But the stand out with the 27" ones is not too big and so I might get those instead of 24" ones! Give me your thoughts on this :D

Until next time..Bye!

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