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Introduce my name is Ritum. I live in Aceh. I was born in Merureudu, January 13, 1998, my education level was at SD Negeri Sp. Tiga Meureudu for six years. I continued my education at SMP UMMUL AYMAN SAMALANGA for 3 years.

I am in SMP UMMUL AYMAN sitting in the dormitory with us there studying religious knowledge, as for our daily activities at the Islamic boarding school, namely: morning prayers at dawn, after prayers we go straight up the Koran and until 8 am. At 9.30 we went up to the Koran again to study religious knowledge until 11:00, at 11:30 we rested in the room and arrived at prayer time at 13:00 after we got down from solad so we had lunch where there was a public kitchen provided by the foundation.

At 14:30 we entered the school class until the time for prayer arrived at 16:00 after the prayer we immediately rushed into the school room to do the lesson again.

The bell rang to leave school at 17:30 we immediately went back to our rooms to get ready to eat and shower, after we showered and ate, all students were required to go to the prayer room to take part in the recitation before the prayer time arrived at 18:30. After that, we immediately went up to the Koran in our respective locales until 23:00. When we came down from our study hall, we immediately rushed to the prayer room to pray again.

After the prayer, we had dinner until 24:00, after that hour there was no bokeh, there were students outside, they had to be in their rooms. Because it's already entered into the realm of break time until 5:00 am.
This is my daily life in middle and high school.

Thank you for reading my writing and I say thank you.

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