What is a VIRTUAL credit card? (2021)


Credit cards are a notoriously insecure means of payment and credit card fraud is one of the most common types of identity theft in the US. We give out our credit card number constantly without even thinking about it, and with it our name and home address.

Enter Virtual Credit Cards: they’re like a VPN for your credit card. No more revealing private information to every stranger from whom you want to make a purchase. No more handing out the keys to the kingdom that allow anyone to draw money from your account.

Crypto is my preferred means of payment because you retain sovereignty over your money, you can have much better financial privacy, and you can save a bunch of money if you use services like Purse.io, Bitrefill, and Dash Direct.


Some people are not yet ready to take the plunge completely into crypto. So if you enjoy the world of recurring payments and credit card purchases but are looking for a more private option, VIRTUAL credit cards may be for you!

In this video, Josh Summers from “All Things Secured” explains how virtual credit cards work and why they’re great for giving back some privacy and control over your money.

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - What are Virtual Credit Cards
01:18 - Increased Privacy
02:22 - Prevent Credit Card Fraud
04:53 - Manage Subscriptions
05:49 - Caveats
07:55 - Lessons to Live By

You can check out Josh’s channel here for more awesome tips on privacy! Thanks for joining us, Josh!!

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