Building Social Capital In The Attention Economy

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In the attention economy, human relationships and attention are becoming more valuable than money because attention tends to influence where money flows. That’s why everyone wants to be an influencer on social media, garnering so much attention that they’re able to decide where money flows.

This trend affects every aspect of business. Companies (and individuals) that can develop strong social capital will thrive in this new landscape.

What is the Attention Economy?

The attention economy is the new economic model that will soon overtake the traditional industrial economy. In other words, we are currently in a transitional period between the two economies. Both of them are still sharing the stage but one is about to knock off the other from the stage.

While you may think of yourself as an autonomous individual with free will who makes decisions based on what's best for you, in reality those decisions are influenced by external forces such as advertising and marketing.

This means that while you may feel like you're making your own choices about how to spend your time and money, these choices are actually influenced by external factors such as advertisements, marketing campaigns, and other types of commercial messaging.

How to Build Social Capital In the Attention Economy

-Build Communities; Focus on building communities around your content, not just pushing it out to a single person or group of people. This will help you expand your reach and make connections that could lead to new opportunities in the future.

-Engage With Your Audience; Be active on social media platforms where your audience is spending time, whether that's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest—or even Hive. You can also create communities around your brand by providing valuable content for free such as blog posts with helpful tips that readers might like; this will encourage them to continue following what you do online so that when something new comes along from you it won't feel like spam!

-Be Authentic & Transparent About Who You Are And What You Do: Consumers (or your audience) are often wary of marketing messages coming at them from companies because those messages tend not always match up with reality - which means consumers might end up doubting whether or not there's any value in buying something from someone who doesn't seem genuine about their product/service offering.

"But what does being authentic mean?" It means being genuine about who exactly owns the company/organization behind whatever product/service offering is being marketed towards consumers - especially if there are multiple owners involved because then one person can't speak with authority alone but must instead share credit equally among themselves all while still remaining true. Transparency and authenticity heavily priced nowadays.

Why are Companies Spending So Much on Social Media?

Social media is all about building relationships. It's a way to build trust and reputation, and it’s the main tool used to build social capital. The concept of social capital is important because it can help you understand why companies spend so much time and money on their social media strategies.

Social capital is the sum of the value of your relationships. It’s a form of currency in the attention economy and one of your most valuable assets, as it will help you build social capital within communities and organizations.

Social capital is your personal brand, but when I say “personal brand,” what do I mean? In essence, it's how others perceive you—your reputation or image—and how you are viewed by others who come into contact with you professionally or personally.

Why You Should Care About the Attention Economy

The Attention Economy is the new currency. The more you ‘wisely spend’ on social media, the more you get out of it.

When you give someone your attention, they’re going to value it a lot more than just about anything else. Your attention implies that you are interested in them, and therefore willing to listen to what they have to say.

If someone knows that their audience cares about whatever it is that they’re saying or doing, then they will care more about what they have to say as well—and ultimately provide better content. It works both ways: if you want something from someone, giving them your attention will go much further than any monetary exchange ever could.

To illustrate this concept further, consider how often we buy products based solely on how well-advertised they were or how many times we saw them advertised along with other products (and even unrelated ones). This doesn't necessarily mean that those ads were effective—it just means that we saw enough of them over time so as not to dismiss them outright when considering our next purchase decision.

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Social capital is an important part of the attention economy, and it’s growing in value as the attention economy continues to grow. The more time we spend on social media and interacting with each other, the more valuable these relationships become and the more social capital we have.

Individuals that understand this trend are able to capture more of their audiences’ attention and build up their own social capital by using platforms built for people who want to connect with each other online.

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