NeedleWorkMonday:My grannysquare flower headband

Hello again to you all. It's nice to post again here in @needleworkmonday.

I have not been feeling very well these past few days, ad was not able to crochet a lot. Additional to that, lots of load works have been terrorizing me.(It's a bit exaggerated but that is how I feel it).

Let me share with you these pretty granny square that I have been doing but not really deciding what should I do. There's a lot in my mind. At first, I planned on making me a cardigan since I hate air conditioners so much. All the jackets that I bought in the thrift store are fading and is wearing out. I never really care much about wearing old clothes but I realized I have to wear bit better clothes to look decent at work.

I somehow cancelled that idea for I feel tat the scarp yarns will not be able to cover ow large the cardigan be.

Then one day while going in a pre-registration for the national ID last March, I decided that I would make me a headband since the short hair keep falling in my face making it very itchy and starts my allergies. Without any pattern to follow I somehow managed to make one and I really liked it.




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