Vacationing at Lake Lut Tawar Takengon

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In this post I will share about my trip to the Central Aceh region, precisely in Takengong which is the capital of Central Aceh. In the capital of Central Aceh, there are many beautiful tourist attractions, one of which is Lake Lut Tawar which is located on the outskirts of the city of Takengon.

Arriving in the city of Takengon, my friend immediately called his friend who lives working there to accompany us for a walk, one of the places we were eyeing was Lake Lut Tawar, called Lut Tawar maybe the water tasted fresh.

Unlike previous years before covid - 19 hit many tourists who visited this Lut Tawar lake, now visitors are starting to decrease even on holidays.


At this tourist location, all facilities are available, although not optimal, such as a place to relax, boats to circle the lake and others.



In Lake Lut Tawar there are also fishermen who use small boats to look for fish that live in the lake.

There is also a floating house in the lake when we watch it shift little by little in the wind.

In the afternoon around the lake, many residents around fishing while enjoying the beauty of Lake Lut Tawar.


Just a few writings about my trip to Lut Tawar lake, Central Aceh, thank you so much.

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