Hello Guys….my name is UMOREN CHRISTIAN CHRISTOPHER aka a decent and Gentle guy, introvert with new people but later fun to b with, I'm a Nigerian, Resident of Akwa Ibom state to be precise speak english fuently and Anang languages little of Foreign as well. am dark in complexion, average Height, my hobbies are listening to music, fashion killer, Dancing, Rapper, Playing Football watch movies, playing video games like scorer, action games and adventure games. I'm shy to Dance in church but am working on that and i enjoy Listening to rap music in likeness of Lil baby, lil Tjay, wale, Drake, Rich the kid, Young boy never broke again, I find myself doing Rap music kinda derive Joy there to when mma sad it makes me forget all. I Dance alot even when walking on the road or alone with music playing I Dance to the beat and sweet Melody I find this inter joy when am dancing and I adapt to steps quickly.


I started Dancing when I was in a younger age when I watch Late MJ(king of pop) do what he those best(Break Dancing) I see my body aline with is own body movement I started picking up me and Elder bro Blessing aka Kingberryfundz who shows me tips on steps, that was how I developed dancing capacity inbuilt. Watched Chris brown videos and deorulo dance.. Is like I was Created to Dance ( great man of all time m)listed above...
one of the thing you can find me do lonely is Rap, I'ma kind of person that I kinda formulate beat in my head without instrument play, gat some beat in my head so I flow with that for sure most time my rap doesn't come the way I structure it to go coz am still learning from top man of Rap 🌟 can't stay a day without rapping a hit but I get the vibes wen am always alone in my room, Bathroom records, room records. I'm in love with music i listen to music alot and dance along side with the songs i have alot of joy when i listen to songs and love trying to sing or rap with them and know their pattern. Watching people or seeing my self dance and music got me going I can't do with any of this.. You know how destiny works?...

I came across Hive through my pastor, i had to think through it and i realize am doing myself no good if i don't get involve in Hive. My pastor is one of the best pastor nd mentor any person would love to have in his or her life speaking with experience He's truly God to us, thank you Fathe(pastor uyoobong) God bless you for me... Okay so he mentored me About hive blog and i love it, finally I’ve found communities, persons of like minds were i can relate and interact, shared experience, lifestyle, cultures, intuition, educate and also learn many stuffs here in Hive.

My skills is a flare and am overwhelmed with what I’ve seen going through the communities I'm open to new learning and looking up to new horizon and perspective…becauae life is beautiful and with music and other stuffs there is lot of communication you can best describe what is happening in the world without entertainment.

Why am so cool with what i do is that I do this things without stress and alot of fun is involve while doing Rap song, the incredible Artists , nice creativity, the extraordinary Dancing steps, in terms of what I do, I do great. so many awards are involved in music. The best Grammy award was given to the best nominees. Some Artists nominated are Lil baby, Rihanna, Lukas Graham's Burna boy, with some other artists which pictures will be shown above. Its really amazing to belong here….finally I’ve found a place were i can explore my giftings enhance my knowledge and widen my scope of learning new things. This is where i can also express myself and give to
you all what i have to offer.


THANKYOU ALL…for the few minutes …and your thoughts towards my ambition and feeling i have for Dancing and music, rapping, Advising, fashionist and more...

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