What are the odds?

Wusang: Isle of Blaq is the World's Ultra Simple Asset Numbers Game. It's ultra simple. It's rolling the dice to perhaps find or win tokens on the Hive-Engine sidechain to the Hive chain.

But, "What are the odds?"

The odds can be seen on the Wusang website at https://wusangisleofblaq.netlify.app/pages/play.html, but currently, the odds are below:

TokenOddsNoteRandom number
HBIT1:1100% probability - you earn 1.0 HBIT every time you dive to mine for treasure.Does not apply.
BLAQ1:333% probability - expect to find one BLAQ pearl every 1 of 3 tries.0 - 0.33
BLAQGOLD1:1010% probability - expect to find one BLAQ pearl every 1 of 10 tries.0.33 - 0.43
BLAQEMRLD1:205% probability - expect to find one BLAQ pearl every 1 of 20 tries.0.43 - 0.48
:(52:10052% probability - roughly half the time, no bonus treasure token is found.0.48 - 1.00

What happens when I play Wusang?

When you issue an HBIT or Wusang command (like !HBIT or !wusang) in reply to one of your own posts or comments, you get 1.0 HBIT, and the bot generates a random number between 0 and 1.0. This is the dice roll that determines whether you find a bonus treasure token or not.

For transparency, you can watch your randomization in live time. Go to the LUV-HBIT Discord server, choose "hbit-wusang-log", and in about one minute after posting your HBIT/Wusang command, your random number will be shown. You'll also see info about any tokens coming your way.

Take a look and watch your dice roll. 😀

Note: If new bonus treasure tokens are created for Wusang in the future, these odds will likely be adjusted.

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