Early 2019, I experienced my first and hopefully last heartbreak, it was a relationship that lasted for 5 years and 6 months, one that could have led to marriage but I am grateful to God it did not happen.

Before I continue with my story, I will like you to know what this post is all about.

This is my entry post to LET THE MUSIC TOUCH YOU - DREEM-WOTW S3 R3 CONTEST and the music that inspired this story is ANOTHER IN THE FIRE- by Hillsong UNITED and I am glad I found it.

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Now back to my story, the heartbreak I experience disorganised me, I blamed myself for not realising the red flags in the relationship earlier. I blamed myself for wasting a whole 5 years and 6 months building a relationship with the wrong person. I was hurt, suffered emotionally. I almost hated all men, but then I knew that there are still good men out there. I could not eat properly, or do anything for myself like I used to. But then, there was something that surprised me...

At that time, I worked for an establishment where I handled the hotel and event halls section as a Customer Service Representative on night shift for two weeks. There was also a Chapel in the building where anyone could go and pray. After attending to customers who were checking in for accommodation, I retired to the Chapel by 12:30 am.

To think I could pray, I battled, my mind was not at rest as I was still suffering emotionally. All I could do was to lay on the floor and say "Jesus help me" until I slept off and woke up again around 6 am and went back to my office. This continued for the 2 weeks I was on night shift. No one knew what I was going through and then, the thing that surprised me was, I realised that, despite the heartbreak, it did not affect me negatively at work. I attended to all customers with smiles, how that happened I could not explain. It took me less than 2 months to get myself back and strong.

After a few moment, still trying to heal from the heartbreak, I found the song, Another in the fire. This healed me, gave me strength and I believed I was not alone, the whole lyrics of the song penetrated my heart like it was all I needed. Here are two lines from the lyrics:

There was another in the fire
Standing next to me

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Check the FULL LYRICS of the song
Jesus was in my story, even when the relationship was on, he prevented me from getting married to the man, he showed me the red flags but I was to blind to see.

This song lifted up my spirit and reassured me that no matter the situation I find myself, Jesus will always be the ANOTHER IN THE FIRE.
Here is the YouTube link to watch

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See you soon in my next post 🙋‍♀️

Love from Winanda ❤️

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