The silvergoldstackers community secretsanta isnin full swing: get your names in ASAP.


This years #secretsanta has hit the ground running. I knew you guys wouldnt let me down.....

I know, i know, i know.... we're still months away from Christmas, but organising a multi-country, multi-continent gift swap takes a little bit or organising and planning. Im sure ill be corrected, but i think this may be the fourth year running that the #silvergoldstackers community have exchanged the gift of silver between ourselves?


So the idea is very simple:

Once you put your name forward, you agree that you will send your secretsanta a minimum of 1oz of silver(999). While no limit is set on maximum you can send, keeping to a min of 1oz keeps it simple but satisfying.

If you are interested in taking part, and i havent tagged you below, please just pop your name in the comment section and ill add you to the ever growing list. Some people are in for more rhan 1 place..... please remind me again who you are!!!


Remember, this is a completely voluntary activity, but you would be committing to send a potential total stranger 1 oz of silver. They could be in the next city over, next country over, or the other side of the world. You will be responsible for p&p and making sure jt gets to them before DECEMBER 25TH.


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