Call out a scammer a day, to help newbies stay away !

Hello HODLers,

I just wanted to share this little story with newcomers.

I was chatting and asking some information in the Kalata Community Telegram. To be more specific I was asking about the roll out of more derivatives.


But this is not the subject of this post.

After 5 minutes I got a DM from Kalata Helpdesk. I was a bit confused as I thought there was an airdrop (couldn't remember if I participated though).

1. The approach


I knew I got my $KAL tokens through an IDO.

So it smelled fishy from the start but I decided to play along and to not click any link that would be share with me.
After reading the fake "Walletconnect" link, I decided to google it and it shows that it is a scam including the connectdappswallet



2. Continue pushing with your fuck**** scam link

I just thought I will pretend to bite and even maybe make him very horny thinking he could get hundred of thousands of USD.

I also asked him to confirm it was 100% secure and of course he claimed it was.




3. Scammer's desilusion

I decided I should tell him I will do it but I had to make myself a nice coffee hoping he was getting all excited !

And then I finally told him what how I felt about him/her...


End of story.

The morale is that you should NEVER trust anyone DMing you. When a stranger send you a link you should not click it right away but always google it and check for any scam links popping up.

I feel very sad knowing that so many people will fall to one of these traps at some point. This is probably the biggest threat to mass adoption.

Not everyone will be as thorough and educated as us, imagine your parents or grandparents, they already get scammed through their credit card and fake emails / texts.

The issue is that if you do get scam in the cryptoworld, the bank is not going to refund you some of that money back... Unfortunately this is the cost of decntralization and privacy.

Stay safe out there !


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