How Many Of My Upvoters Are Actively Using Hive? (Addressing Downvote Cancel Culture on Hive)

As my regular readers will have noticed, I have been having most of my post rewards downvoted to zero lately, for reasons that aren't 100% obvious - despite having been asked. The main reason that Acidyo has expressed today is that my posts get a lot of votes that he thinks are from auto voters and this is a problem for.. reasons... So...

How many of you that upvote me are live on the platform? If you get tagged by this post it's because you have upvoted me recently and I thought it would be good to find out whether you are active on Hive or not. I appreciate that some accounts simply never comment but still want to curate and that others may be active at times but might not be at present. Still more users might just not see that I have tagged them.

As I explained in depth to Acidyo just now in the comments on this post, I don't personally see auto upvoting as a huge problem since the design of the system pressures people to regularly upvote in order to not lose money through the inflation process.

Curation rewards are basically necessary, otherwise you will probably lose money on your Hive Power holdings. Additionally, auto upvoting is something akin to supporting someone on Patreon via subscription. Instead of having a subscription service, I choose to support Hive as I think it's a valuable project and decentralisation is needed now more than ever to support liberty and free speech online.

Some people don't have the time to constantly come to Hive to upvote posts in order to protect their investment and support their favourite creators.

In case you missed it, I also wrote a very long post about the cancel culture downvoting on Hive and it hit trending, with nearly a hundred comments and many reblogs. Of course, the downvoters unironically zeroed that post too:

Please read the heavily downvoted anti censorship post here.

Recent Upvoters With Substantial Upvotes:


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