ecoTrain QOTW: If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

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I'm quite amazed by the fact that these questions are always interesting. I find it important to participate as I notice they give me a reason to think about matters that I don't think about normally. This week is no exception, I was waiting for the QOTW and bummed that it was a bit delayed (life, right?) so this morning I was very pleased to see the question was published. Thanks for creating these weekly posts @eco-alex!

Do you believe in the afterlife or rebirth? Have you ever felt like life is like a grand show, a great game that we all get to play, time and time again?

Funny because this sentence that I quoted from the QOTW post, is exactly what I often feel. I do feel less and less alone in these thoughts today because of the fact that the pandemic has woken up quite a few people, I'm not afraid to speak up about them. These feelings came to me for the first time when I was a child. I can clearly remember how my thoughts would drift off and wondered if we (humans) weren't just a bunch of puppets from (for example) a big giant that was playing with us like we (children) are playing with dollhouses. Of course, at the time, I was a child so my mind thought of puppets and giants rather than other things. I even asked my mother this question, and I also remember that she didn't really know why I would think that. Funny how some things from childhood are still such vivid memories and others fade away. I guess, deep down it must have been a still burning and unanswered question for me?

Maybe I wasn't that far off as a child thinking these things? I do feel we are a bunch of puppets and play material for some people up there. The up there may not turn out to be a giant but a bunch of people with power, in the end, the conclusion is pretty much the same, isn't it?

Perhaps that is why we are all so addicted to games in general?!

It's possible. I'm honestly not surprised if that's the case.



What if when you die you meet a great being, and that being lets you choose what or who you can incarnate as in your next life. You are free to choose anything you like, and you can choose to go anywhere and at any time that you wish. Your only limitation is that it has to be in the 3rd dimension, so you cannot choose heaven or hell.

I have to admit, that in the past, I would have most-likely said: that's easy! A cat! I love them and I would love to see the world through a cat's eyes. But then I'd think about the fact that a cat's life can be over quickly if they aren't fortunate being brought into the world of a loving servant (lol) family but as a street cat, and then I'd think my reincarnation would be "wasted". So although I still would love to see the world through a cat's eyes and perspective, I chose not to pick this as my answer but prefer an option that would probably gain me a lot of information and last longer.
But what then?


To make this choice out of ALL the options out there, I would probably need to filter the things that I think are important to be able to make the right choice for me. And of course, rule out the things I don't find important or interesting. Not an easy task because there are literally thousands of options to pick from and then maybe a ton of varieties on those.


At first, I was leaning towards the spiritual part but I think that I chose a human over an animal. Why? My curiosity wins over feeling free as a bird (to name an example). I can't saw a name of a person that I'd pick but I will try to be as specific as possible.

Some periods in my life, as well as the current pandemic situation, have brought up some burning questions. Much deeper ones than those unanswered in my childhood. I want to know how these decisions are made exactly in the post powerful ranks of people. Without going into much depth about what "they" do and if this is correct or not, I desire to know how the huge decisions to change something on a global level are made and how many people are actually involved when a plan has been made and an actual deadline is set.


Many decisions seem to be made decades in advance, if we do some research (due diligence!) we will see many patterns keep occurring on every single level of life, and often we can sort of see things coming (maybe not exactly but sort of). How does this work? Does someone do a presentation and says: "Ok guys, our planet earth is now overpopulated, and here's a plan to reduce the world population by 2020", presented by a mad scientist or even IT guy (you probably know what I meant if you made it this far). And when this presentation gets a big enough applause by the public, some direct assistant presents it to his "boss" who is actually a powerful guy with influence and then he says "yay" or "nay" (or "Off with his head" if he doesn't like it at all) and then things start to move to make it happen?

Call me mad for thinking like this, but I honestly(!!!) wonder HOW an "IT guy" for example gets these freaking powers in the world of health that the complete world bends for him while he's clearly no expert has totally different expertise? HOW? I would defo not want to be him btw, as I think he's a puppet as well. I want to be the puppet master for once and only find out these things to understand how this all works. I don't want to see horrible things, but see it from a "business perspective" side only. You can say: "people vote for them during the elections" but sorry, that doesn't cut it for me, look closer, you'll see most things are already decided long before we do. I read a wise comment recently "Presidents aren't elected, they're chosen", I think that's spot on.

You know what they say, there's a lot of psycho's out there that dominate leadership positions. So I don't desire to be one but I desire to obtain their knowledge to use it for the good, not the bad!


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If I'd had to pick from these two options, I'd go for a spiritual being (even though I'm always in sync with the phase of the moon), but which one? No idea, I think to have the best of both worlds, I'd be that human I chose to be and then meditate a lot to send out good vibrations. In the end, my decision was made to make a change for the good, and those that practice the Law Of Attraction know that everything is connected, and good vibrations will bring good things, and bad thoughts will bring nothing positive.


It's not an easy question to answer, but I do like the fact that I have been thinking about this for several hours before I came to the answer of who I would choose to be.
I would really have some burning questions of this life answered, and the only way to find these answers is to be one of these people that know the answers.

Thank you for reading, and I'm curious to read the other answers for this week.
See you next week :)

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