Hive Punks collaboration with Rising Star Game


In collaboration with Rising Star we now have a Hive Punk card that will be available shortly.

Rising Star is an idle game about playing in a band and playing your way up to a superstar. The Rising Star team prides themselves in making the game very accessible to free to play players while offering opportunities to those who want to speed up their progress by purchasing packs and cards off the secondary market.

Rising Star has over 7,000 active players and is only available on Hive.


You play Rising Star by completing missions to earn Starbits and experience while improving your skills and your band. You can turn in Starbits to purchase packs that include cards to improve your collection.

"Douglas" (aka S40 Douglas) is a Hive Punks branded card introduced to Rising Star that will be available in the next few days. Douglas is a rare (Blue) card that has a good balance of stats offering 75 fans, 100 skill, 3 luck, and 2 im.

Douglas will be available for purchase for 10 Hive on the Hive Punks website under the Promotions tab.


I will announce when S40 Douglas is available in the official Discord or you can just check back on the Hive Punks site from time to time. I do recommend joining Discord though.

I am working on some updates for Hive Punks as well as future collaboration opportunities. Hit me up if you have some ideas.

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