RE: DLive is joining the Lino blockchain, moving away from Steem

I think it is despicable that dlive are leaving Steem as well as poaching Steem's users to a different chain, no less after so many Steemit users have put their time and effort into helping dlive become what it is today.

Ultimately, I think the decision to leave is only going to do harm to dlive and not Steem itself. A network effect can only be achieved if projects like Dlive build on Steem - the first and most established blockchain for social media applications. Taking the dapp else where is just fracturing value.

If it's not built on Steem then I can't support, or use it. As such, I will no longer be a dlive'er. Disappointing yes, but as others have pointed out, Steem is much much bigger than dlive.

Good luck, good bye, and good riddance.

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