SPS Governance Proposal - Offer Land "Starter Packages" for Sale by Burning DEC / DEC-B


A proposal is being put forth to a vote of staked SPS holders to give players the option to burn DEC or DEC-B tokens in order to purchase a few different land "starter packages" when surveying their land plots.

Unlike the previous proposal which offered boosts to the rarity and magical resource chances when surveying land plots, this proposal instead offers various packages that will give players a jump start when land phase 2 is released, but that do not permanently change or affect the land plots themselves.

The packages that we propose to make available for purchase are listed below. We propose that only one of each package may be purchased per land plot that is being surveyed, and that these packages will ONLY be available for purchase along with a deed survey transaction. For example, if a player is surveying 5 deeds, then they have the option to purchase up to 5 of EACH package along with the surveying transaction.

Building in a Box

Proposed Cost: 10k DEC or DEC-B

The Building in a Box package allows the purchaser to begin construction of a level 1 building on a single land plot without having to pay any DEC or other resources which would normally be required to begin construction of a building.

Please note that it will still take the normal amount of time for the construction of the level 1 building to be completed, and worker cards will still be needed to be staked on the land plot in order to perform the construction. This package simply eliminates the resource cost to begin the upgrade.

For some context, we plan that even a level 1 building will be a significant boost to resource production as compared to having no building constructed, and as a result, resource production will be quite slow initially when land phase 2 is first released since no buildings would have been constructed yet.

Based on this, we expect that being able to immediately begin construction of level 1 buildings will provide a significant head start over players who have to wait until they are able to harvest enough resources to begin construction. Without the Building in a Box package, players will need to wait until enough Wood, Stone, and other resources are harvested and possibly refined - which will be quite slow on plots without any buildings - and those resources will be very expensive to purchase on the markets if they are even available at all.

This package will be non-transferrable and may be used only by the player who purchased it.

Time Vault

Proposed Cost: 10k DEC or DEC-B

It has long been discussed that players will have the option to pay a fee in order to speed up processes that take time, such as building construction and upgrades, resource transportation, etc, and we currently plan for that to be done via the purchase of a transferrable token called Time Crystals (name subject to change).

The Time Vault package will provide purchasers with 48 hours worth of Time Crystal tokens which will be able to be spent to reduce the amount of time that any processes within the land expansion take. Since these tokens will be transferrable, they can also be sold to other players who may want to reduce the time that their building construction or other things take in the game.

We currently plan for Time Crystals to cost $0.50 USD per hour worth, which means that this package, which offers 48 hours worth for $10, offers a nearly 60% discount off of the planned price.

Please note that the final quantity and pricing of Time Crystals may change before the land phase 2 release, in which case we will adjust the reward offered from this package so that it remains at at least the same or higher discount compared to the final cost of the same amount of Time Crystals.

Unstable Totem

Proposed Cost: 10k DEC or DEC-B

This package offers a temporary Totem that will double the production rate of any building for a period of 30 days. These Unstable Totems will become active immediately when land phase 2 is released, and expire 30 days afterwards, so they cannot be saved and used later on.

Similar to the Building in a Box package, the Unstable Totem package has the potential to provide a large head start for players who purchase them in the first month of the land phase 2 release, which is the time when resources will be the most scarce and will likely have the most demand.

This package will be non-transferrable and may be used only by the player who purchased it.

Land surveying is currently expected to be released by the end of Q1 of this year (2023), and, if approved, we expect that this proposal will lead to a very significant amount of DEC being burned which can provide significant value to the SPS token, and indirectly to all other Splinterlands game assets, as a result.

We hope that this proposal is more agreeable to the community because, unlike the previous proposal, it only provides a head start to players who choose to make the extra purchase rather than a permanent advantage. Players who choose not to purchase these packages upon surveying their deeds will still have the same chances of receiving higher rarity land plots or magical/occupied land plots as everyone else.

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