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Are you not playing Splinterlands? Thats ok, you do not have to play to earn if you don't want to. If you open an account you can profit in multiple ways. You can earn SPS by holding splinterlands assets and by blogging on you can earn SPT the official token to reward content on splintertalk. By earning SPT you can then stake that to reward content. Or if you want the curation done by a pro you can delegate it to @monster-curator and earn passive SPT for your delegation. Read up on his post


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No part of this content is to be considered as financial advice in any form! Do not invest money you can not afford to loose! Do your own research! I will not take responsibility for your financial decisions!


SPLINTONOMICS the ways of earning in Splinterlands

There are multiple ways to earn with the game. And #play2earn is not the only way. As I stated in my last post about splintonomics you can make crypto in various ways.
But lets have a quick check how you can profit from the game.


Play to earn

Thats is the most hands on method to earn DEC and reward cards by solving your daily quest and working your way up in ranking to get to higher season end rewards. Battling for a win to get sweet DEC, that is a main feature of this game.
However new players will have a hard time with climbing the ranks without cards, since rental prices are climbing quite high over the course of the season.

It is hard to maintain rank with cards cancelled by the card owners and maintaining the right power for the adequate league. So either you have a good rental strategy to make enough DEC to maintain your rental costs and have a profit, or you just give up on playing in higher leagues and taking the ranking part slower. For a rental strategy that takes you all the way up to champion have a look at this POST by @winty161

I usually make it to Gold 1 or Diamond 3 we will see how far we get this season. Currently I am fighting in Gold 2 and have a hard time putting together win streaks.

The winnings per match are lower than last season but this is only natural since we have 10k new players a day draining the rewards faster.

So how much do I make with playing? Lets check:

Bildschirmfoto 20210908 um 16.36.07.png

So on the 7th I played 11 matches in total. Just enough to claim my daily quest chests.
We can see that the average is a little over 20 DEC per win this was in Gold 3 and 2.
Today with recharged ECR that I always try to keep above 80% I made some wins with over 25 DEC. So we can say that I get about 200 DEC from ranked battle rewards per day.
I am sure I could make more but I really do bot have the time to play that much.

And there is really no point in running down your ECR to super low percentages. I met some players who efeated me with their super hard rented decks and got 2.3 dec for their win. That can't be sustainable unless you are just fighting for ranking points to climb the ladder for higher season end rewards.

The second part of the #playtoearn feature is the daily loot chests you get for completing your quest. Lets take the 7th and lets have a look what I got that day.

Bildschirmfoto 20210908 um 17.57.49.png

Now this looks like a decent reward and you see that I got 5 extra lootchests because I used a quest potion. Howerver since the "quest potion affair" you can't buy those with credits anymore so it would not make much sense spending 750 DEC on them. I will not buy more and when they run out, they run out.

Of course you can not count on every chest dropping you a 2k+ reward in DEC. I simply got lucky, but if I got lucky it means everyone else can too. But just so you see that it can go the other way around as well, have a look at this daily loot from 4 days ago:

Bildschirmfoto 20210908 um 18.03.42.png

Now we are talking! You see that is significantly lower than the costs of a quest potion. And to be honest most of your rewards will be like this. This is even more frustrating when fighting in bronze league and getting 1 daily chest.

If that one is a potion it is not that of a fun experience. But you will need those potions for opening the new Chaos Legion packs! Don't be discouraged by such a small setback after all the legendary and alchemy potions still would cost you DEC if you bought them. Sidenote: opening pacsk without using 5 of each potion is not a wise move, you want your chances for a legendary or gold foil card as high as possible.

Let us move on to the next way of earning with splinterlands.

Rent to earn

You own some good cards? Put them on the rental market! Use to handle you cards and you might see some nice passive DEC income.

With the massive amount of new Spellbook owners and no cards to draw from packs the rental market was the only way to rank up in higher leagues.

Rent or buy?

No financial advice bla bla bla I am just an ape who likes to collect trading cards.

BUY! In most cases you would just safe a ton of DEC if you would buy the card straight.
To demonstrate you what I mean by this lets have a look at a card that has never been off the rental market since I started renting out my cards.

We all know him, we all love him, and we all fear him. Everyone say Hi to Yodin!

Bildschirmfoto 20210908 um 18.40.17.png

The 111% in the green box means my yearly return on asset or ROA That means that every 11 months I can buy myself a new Yodin should prices stay like this. So if you ppent 748$ now on a single BCX Yodin you would save 11% in the first year of holding him and 100% on the second year of holding him. And there is cards on the rental market making even bigger ROA.

At this point my rental income is 20 times bigger than the income I make from the game. At time of writing my death, life and water splinter is completely on the rental market and I tied myself to play dragon combined witg fire or earth.

All the rest is making me 4k DEC currently on a daily basis and thats with 80% of my rental cards rented at the moment. As season end comes and players need more power the prices of gold foil cards shoot up. Also cheap epic cards 7-10x in rental prices in the last days of the season.

I reached over 10k DEC per day on the last 2 days of the previous season. All that with maintaining a deck that is playable in most of the situations. Of course if I have a deathquest and then a water quest it is quite hard to deal with. Thats where I take just some high level cards from the rental market and play my quest. Sometimes I just rent a neat set for the quest for a few DEC this way I try new cards or my cards on a higher level.

As long as my rental costs do not exceed my rental income I make a profit.

Warning! You need to know your way around the game so you actually know what cards perform well on the rental market and what not. Also you need to have some good cards people actually want to rent! Putting lvl1 Sandworm number 11079 on the market will not make you rich...

Bildschirmfoto 20210908 um 18.59.14.png

In general the rarity of a card will determine how high the demand is. There is only 1983 Yodins in circulation and there is 163834 Sandworms. Look for higher level "broken cards" meaning they are a higher level and dont need too many single cards to level up.
Level your cards up! There is much more demand for higher level cards!
Combine broken cards with off BCX to make them whole and more valuable on the rental or on the spot market.
These broken cards are most of the times much cheaper so if you want to level up for renting these are the cards you are looking for.

If you can and have enough cash just get yourself a power gold vault!
Cards that give high power boosts for the players are legendary gold foil and epic gold foil cards. You can also go for higher level normal foil epics such as axemaster or soulstorm.

If you look for a more budgetfriendly solution try to go with level 3 summoners of any rarity. These typically get rented out from middle of the season and bring a decent return.

Compound your earnings! You are making a good daily return on your cards? Buy more cards and raise your daily rental income!

Of course with the release of chaos legion focus will shift away a bit from the rentals, but you need to buy approximately 2500 packs to have a maxed set of cards. And you still can get unlucky and not max all of them...

What I try to say (No financial advice) is that the higher level cards will still be a thing at least in the beginning of chaos legion. You need to buy a serious amount of cards to get monsters to a higher level so they make profit on the rental market.

Making DEC passively and holding a collection brings us to another way of earning with the game

HOLD to earn

By simply holding in game assets in form of DEC, cards, card packs, land, totems and skins you will earn a part of the daily SPS airdrop that is now at day 44 of 365. So for the next 321 days every Splinterlands asset will be dripping you some SPS.

I currently have over 15k SPS staked and a little bit liquid The amount of SPS I get per day easily would pay my rent and food for a month although I live in Europe.
Even with prices now sub 30 cents it is a very nice daily completely passive income.

Getting SPS airdropped? Stake it!

Whenever you can claim your staking rewards and stake them immediately! This way you make the most of the APR that currently sits in the 125% range.

Of course as more and more SPS gets staked the APR will go down. Thats why it is so important to take advantage of these returns. Whenever you can: claim and restake!

Use your SPS!

If you like to gamble a bit you can risk a few SPS for a tournament with SPS prices! This was part of the roadmap all along and now we have it. SPS prizes for tournaments.
Some of these require a certain amount of SPS staked so here is another reason to stake your SPS! The tournament fees will have to be paid in liquid SPS of course.

Did you know that SPT tokens also give you airdrop points? This brings us to our next way of earning with the game.


Blog to earn

Splintertalk is the newspaper, the informationhub of splinterlands and since it is built on the hive blockchain you can reward content or create content on the platform. Both are a way to earn those nice SPT tokens. They also can get you some nice NFTs you can exclusively buy on splintertalk.

Writing a post on splintertalk is not that hard! If I can do it, you can do it!

Give it some effort though the better your content the more likely it gets rewarded!

Just scroll to the bottom of this post and check how much SPT a post can make. And I am not amongst the top earners on this platform.

The key is consistency! Write about your journey in splinterlands as often as you can. Put effort in your posts and some real #proofofbrain and you will see your rewards growing and as you gain more traction on the platform you will automatically earn more.

Now here is the fun part: those SPT tokens can be delegated to accounts who actively upvote quality content and you can earn curation rewards. This way you will have a constant drip of SPT every day and as a side effect you grow your airdrop points and your SPS bags.

Pro tip: do giveaways if you can afford them! Those posts are a good way to gain some followers. But the big upvotes will come from accounts that do not need to take part in giveaways.

"How to" content and deep dives into certain aspects of the game are also a good topics to think about.

If you are not a big writer, no worries! Check out the pre formatted Splintelands Season report card. You find a link in my previous POST

Or just simply comment on other posters posts! That might be rewarding. Check it out and leave a comment :)

I hope I could give you some insights on how much you can make with different income streams from the game.

If you found this helpful please feel free to share this with other summoners!

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Thats your problem! Stake your SPS or you will not be able to buy new Chaos Legion packs! Buy Axemaster!

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