Making concrete pots for plants

I saw a video of some other people making these and thought I'd give it a try. Using concrete, lime, wd40 and some plastic pots mixed. a
And poured into the plastic pots and then worked the concrete lime mix to build it up the walls.


I ran out of lime on the last two so one of them is mostly concrete and the other I mixed in some grass seeds to see if that would help make it workable since I ran out of lime. Sand can also be used but I had a big bag of lime so I just used that.


The concrete used is quickcrete and each bag weighs about 60lbs. I had some left over from pouring in a hole to set a pole by my bee houses.


The first couple I made were quite thick. And I found the concrete worked better in the plastic pots with very little water in them.


I first spray wd40 in the pots to help keep it from sticking. And then I pour most of the needed concrete mix into the pots. I use a small shovel and my hands to work it up the sides of the wall. And as it slowly sets it becomes more workable. The lime helps to extend this time to make it quite workable.


Finding the right mix is important. Too much water and it does not hold its form and too little it just crumbles.


As I work up the walls I add more concrete mix and build it up all the way up the pots.


Its important to add enough oil to the inside of the pots to help it from sticking. Otherwise you may lose the plastic pot when you try to remove the concrete mold.


In the last pot I ran out of lime and had to use what I got. Using some grass seeds I added it so it would not be so lose. But honestly it did not help as much as I was holding it would.


Those damn seeds left my hands green. Should have probably used something else. But curious how concrete with seeds inside does.

Two of them are about 50/50 lime and concrete. One of them is about 25/75 lime concrete and the last one was just concrete and grass seeds.

When they dry I will remove them and do a follow up post on this. I want to put my mint, and other plants that tend to overgrown in the pots and hang them up on some old tree stumps.