Skuration - Weedcash Delegation Report - #1

Delegation Report.gif

With the delegation payouts, I think it will be best to keep track and update them in separate posts. This will allow me to break down voting and plans for each token.

Great to see we got a few updated delegations and a new one from futuremind. This week we had a total of 159 Liquid weedcash to split with delegators, power up, and swap. this is a pretty good number, but I am hoping I get to 300 liquid a week, This is more the new goal.



Total Liquid - 159
Liquid Paid to Delegators - 39.75
Liquid Powered Up - 39.75
Liquid Sold For Swap.hive - 31.8
Liquid Added To Swap Pool - 31.8
Liquid Sold For Giveaways - 15.9

AccountDelegationWeekly PaymentTotal Payment-
@loonatic10000 WEED5.947.715%
@picyoudyer900 WEED0.514.0771.3%
@jonyoudyer10000 WEED5.947.715%
@bilpcoinbpc23 WEEDBelow Min for payout-
@skylinebuds18049 WEED10.75.927%
@happyfrog420-new1500 WEED0.870.4922.2%
@davedickeyyall19000 WEED11.16.328%
@allonyx.ngs1376 WEED0.790.2872%
@futuremind5000 WEED2.987.5%

Delegation Min For Payout - 250

Effective Weed Power -

With the new delegation we have been able to hit a total weed power of 67,698, This gives us a 100% vote worth around 15-18 weed. I have the weedcash vote set to 10x on leodex to allow me to give more votes while giving awesome weed votes.

Pool Postion -

The pool positions on weedcash is slowly building, I have added 31.8 weed to the liquid pool for a new total of 471.9 weed and 5.14 hive. This slowly builds up towards the 1% of the liquid pool with 0.266%.

I will be doing updates with the other tokens that I receive as delegations in separate posts.

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