Skuration - Splintertalk Delegation Report - #1

Delegation Report swpt (2).gif

SPT Delegation -
Total Liquid - 2900
Liquid Paid to Delegators - 725
Liquid Powered Up - 725
Liquid Sold For Swap.hive - 580
Liquid Added To Swap Pool - 580
Liquid Sold For Giveaways - 290

AccountDelegationWeekly PaymentTotal Payment-
nyimwa250 SPT10.152.391.4%
nyinyiwin2750 SPT113.12.3915.6%
arpuch1000 SPT41.39.65.7%
chuiiiiiiii470 SPT18.852.6
skybuds-gaming2741 SPT108.7515%
skylinebuds10186 SPT420.558%
bilpcoinbpc126 SPTBelow Min For Payout

Delegation Min For Payout - 250

Effective SPT Power -

I have add a big delegation from my gaming account to get this one up to 34000+ SPT, This is much like oneup and I can't seem to fully use the voting power. I am going to work on this more and more but I am thinking it will always stay around 90-100%.

Pool Position -

With the pool, I have switched to PKM:SPS pool. I think this pool over time will be the better one to stay in. This pool is earning 70% APR with rewards lasting at least 88 more days. After doing some swaps You can see I was able to add another 13 SPS to the pool.

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