Citadel : Spies Appear in Night Time - Season 1 Episode 2 - RECAP


Citadel : Spies Appear in Night Time - Season 1 Episode 2 - RECAP INTRODUCTION -

I think now I know people were expecting too much from this series, the trailer and the "on the next episode" scenes show too much, builds up that expectation, this second episode I think was a bit more mellow than the first but still had a lot of action and more story of what happen and who were Mason and Nadia, the story is still around Mason, Nadia and Bernard, there are no secondary characters with a side story and that's fine since this episodes are still revealing what happen to them after the train crash in Italy eight years ago, a fact from the series, Mason and Nadia didn't forget anything, they had this device on their neck that when the Citadel network cant locate them or communicate with them for certain amount of time it activates and delete their memories, once they reconnect upload them to a server to then genetically store into an injection, this is full science fiction so I don't mind it, sounds way too ahead in time but we are living in a world where AI is present, something that in the 80s thought it was a myth. Remember, If its on TV they probably already doing it! - tv series divider
Citadel : Spies Appear in Night Time - Season 1 Episode 2 - RECAP EPISODE DETAILS -


After the train crash Nadia fall into the water and got out hurt very bad but a man going down the road stop to help her, he takes care of her but had her handcuff to the bed at his shed, I don't know if he was Manticore or was just a creepy guy who didn't trust Nadia because she had a bullet on her, Nadia got mad and fucking up real bad, they had this very nice fight, I'm sure you going to like it, after the fight the device that erase her memory activate and she was aware of it, it was not something new. I remember seen in the comments of a review that the spy was suppose to start working on remembering things about their past, that's the "standard procedure" that Citadel did it wrong but actually it was planned to delete their memories and the way to recover them was planned too so there is nothing wrong, its just a tech that Citadel use to keep their secrets tight. Nadia wrote on her arm "Go to Valencia Asha" probably Citadel had an HQ over there or its planned for her to be there if her memories are deleted, like a spawning point on a RPG game, don't matter she didn't remember anything all she had to do was go to Valencia and see what happen but it was intentional so others from Citadel knew where to look for her, that's fkn smart, usually when spies loose their memory they don't know where to fkn go, who they are and what to do, at least on Citadel there is a plan if this happen. The problem with Mason is that when the device deleted his memories probably he was unconscious and didn't have time to write his clue of what to do when he wakes up.



Back in the US, Mason still not sure how he is going to pull the entire spy role, get into a top security facility and come out with the X Case with all Citadel secrets, Bernard is he one pulling the strings and similar to Rabbit Hole Tv Series, Bernard tells the spy what to do and when since he is usually watching CCTV cameras and in constant communication with the agent, this method work out perfectly and they manage to get out with the case, probably just too easy in my opinion. The music, the small fight scenes and the split screens of Bernard watching what was going on and telling Mason what to do were very cool.


After they escape with the X Case, Bernard start telling Mason more about Citadel and how to use the case to locate other agents so it start scanning, Bernard need to find Nadia and get her to work back with Mason, he also explains Mason about why he "lost" his memories and how he have to inject himself the liquid solution with his name that is on the suit case, the coward that Mason is he hesitated and didn't do it when he could. Andre Silje who work for Manticore was chasing them without them knowing and shot Bernard from the back, he is not dead but the impact was so hard it knock him out, the Van crash and the injection with Mason memories broke so now its all gone, no memories for Mason, but the X Case did locate Nadia in Valencia and that's where Mason is heading next.


When Mason arrive Valencia he start looking for Nadia and finally locate her at a restaurant, he start telling her who she really is and explaining what Citadel is but she was not having any of that, Mason pull the same throwing a knife at you trick to get her muscle memory react but she didn't catch it just avoid it and got mad at Mason. I think that's because Mason is all show off, when he present himself he said "Mason Kane, spy, hot stuff" LOL, Nadia on the other hand is smart so why catching it if she didn't have to, just avoid it.

Mason gets closer to her with the X Case and when the case detected Nadia it grand access to it that's when it clicks for her, Mason already explain her about her memories but same as him didnt inject back her memories.


Andre Silje the Mentacore agent got to the restaurant with another agent and a big fight started, Mason is still not up to speed so his fighting skills are poor to none and Nadia was getting her ass kicked too until she inject back her memories and everything change, it was Nadia Sinh Citadel agent fighting, knocks out Andre and escape. Problem for Nadia and Mason is that Bernard was not dead and now Mentacore has him to interrogate him. - tv series divider

Citadel : Spies Appear in Night Time - Season 1 Episode 2 - CONCLUSION -

I decided to make the Conclusion section a PRO and CONS so it can be easier to explain and others identify what I like about the episode and what I didn't.


There is something weird to this TV Series, there are constant shooting and kicking action scenes but some how feel distant, I cant complain about the action scenes, special effects are good, I like how Nadia is the though one, the script is not dumb and is funny too, so far I like Citadel, solid 7/10 for me.


What I REALLY DISLIKE is the outro, the "on the next episode scenes" , WHY THE SPOILER, why you have to do that, they gave out probably like 30% if not 50% of the action scenes and probably thats why people complain, I hope they dont keep doing this.  

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