A Few #straturday Jams

Here's a compilation of some of my past #straturday songs. Due to an arm injury I haven't been able to record any #straturday posts for about a couple months, fortunately its starting to get better so I hope to have some new materials soon.

This first one is a folksy style song that starts out with my cigar box guitar and some drums. I finish out the song on my home made partsocaster with a bluesy solo.

This one is more of an ambient style song that starts out with some percussion on my idiopan and shakers. I used the backer track to improvise on my partsocaster with some reverb and delay effects.

Here is a four track blues jam with two tracks on my musicman bass and two on my G&L Comanche. The Comanche is like a super stratocaster with better features than a typical Fender strat.

For this jam I programmed a drum track in superior drummer first then improvised whatever came to mind on my Fender Stratocaster Plus. I sliced the audio to the strat and applied different effects to each sliced region.

Here is an improvisation that started on my red stratocaster plus then I started layering in the other tracks over it. My musicman stingray 5 bass was the next layer to go into the mix. With the bass and rhythm track in place I programmed in the drums via Superior Drummer and the Independent EZX. Next I added in a couple of leads on my G&L Comanche and home made partsocaster. I also added a cello track via the Miroslav Philharmonic vst and my You Rock midi guitar All guitar effects are from Bias FX 2 with mastering of the overall composition in Adobe Audition.

Here is an ambient style blues improvisation. I started out with a gritty programmed series of drum loops in Superior Drummer using the Dark EZX library. Once the drums were in place I improvised the main track with a panning delay and phaser. The next track was the same exact riff doubled with a pitch shifter that dropped the tone down an octave to act as some bass.

That's all for now... Thanks for listening, new material soon.

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