My Year Journey on Steem

Hello Steem friends.

I started Steem on February 10th at the suggestion of my brother @jarvie. It has been quite a year of learning about cryptocurrency, getting to know people from all over the world and sharing myself through through pictures and words.

Here is my first post Introducing myself

What have I learned during this year on Steem?

  1. I really like competition
  2. Innovation is encouraged
  3. Recognition is nice
  4. I thrive with structure
  5. It takes time and dedication

I really like competition

Those first months on Steem and playing @photogames were the best!

I got to know so many great photographers from all over the world as we played together @alevaskye, @asgarth, @bil.prag, @caseygrimley, @derekkind, @dmytrokorol @gabyoraa, @itchyfeetdonica @jayclar30, @kieranstone @r00sj3, @scottshots, @soyrosa, @snooway, @themonkeyzuelans, @vmoldo, @yumyumseth

Show off SaturdayMetadata MondayWhere is it Wednesday


This is my kind of game. I love collecting and strategy and have enjoyed Steemmonsters.

7 World's Continent Photo Challenge

As a landscape photographer I have lot of landscape pictures and so in August I started participating regularly in @czechglobalhosts World's Continent Photo Challenge...mainly the North America Challenge. I don't think I will ever win. It is ok since I have love taking and sharing my landscape pictures!

Innovation is encouraged

Push myself

I have learned that to make great content I need to push myself to do things I have never done, like shot lighting shots!


In June @jarvie, @asgarth and @dmytrokorol got together and made the wonderful interface #steempeak. Thank you guys! I love how you are always working to make things better.

Here are a couple of my reviews of Steempeak
Review posting info
Review bookmarks

Recognition is nice

Thanks @Curie and @hendrikdegrote and all the supporters. These votes gave me confidence and desire to share more.

My first curie vote, April 25, 2018
Danny Boy- Music Match

My first large Curie vote, April 28, 2018
The Grand Tetons

I thrive with structure

Share My World Series

I started this new series in June. I truly love seeing the pictures and experiences from the people I follow and so I decided to be more deliberate about sharing my world (pictures and experiences) with the Steem community.

Share My World Series
Share my world: Midway. Utah
Share my world: Notch Peak Day I
Share my world: Notch Peak Day II
Share my world- Crater Lake, Oregon
Share my world- Crater Lake- Landscape around the lake
Share my world- Avenue of the Giant Boulders
Share my world: My first Garden, Spring 2017
Share my world: Garden Spring 2018
Share my world: Super exciting news
Share My World: Hiking Crater Lake in the fog
Share My World: Windcave Hike
Share My World: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
Share my world: Oregon in December
Share My World: Sweet Sacred Experience

Art Talk

In September I was feeling comfortable with blogging and the Share My World Series was doing well. I decided to add another series. It is so great to have an outlet for all my thinking of art and art history.

Art Talk: Introduction
Art Talk: Emotion in Bronze
Art Talk: Moore Across America
Art Talk: Bronze
Art Talk: Moore in America
Art Talk: King and Queen
Art Talk: Art Tells Our Story
Art Talk: Highlight Tour of the MET
Art Talk: The Burghers of Calais
Art Talk: Auguste Rodin
Art Talk: Art in Paris in the 1870s
Art Talk: Guest Blogger, Frankie O'Neill
Art Talk: "Felt is a happy fabric."
Art Talk: Murals in Klamath Falls
Art Talk: Woman with a Parasol- Madame Monet and Her Son
Art Talk: Respect and Compassion
Art Talk: Art Connects Us

It takes time and dedication

I have been working to figure out how much time and attention I give to Steem, both in posting and commenting on posts.

It takes as much time to read, comment and really interact in a genuine way as it does to write interesting and authentic posts.

Finding the balance will continue to be the quest of this next year and I'm sure the whole time I am blogging on Steem.

I am so glad that I have found this awesome platform in which I can express myself, share my photography and writing and get to interact with people from all over the world in a fun and inspiring way.

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