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New SteemIt users are doomed. The new RCsystem takes away their chances to grow. You can help!


Small Accounts Need Our Help

I guess it is no secret anymore that HF20 has had a devastating impact on the smaller accounts.

New people that sign up, have a limited amount of SP, and as a result very few Resource Credits. This limits the number of posts and comments they can make. As a result, they will never be able to grow their account without investing money, a privilige we did have.


No Future

If new accounts can't work there way up without investing and are limited to 3 comments a day, we can't expect them.to stay.

And if no new users are willing to pay for their account, and pay again for every post or comment they put out, SteemIt will die a lonesome death.

If nothing changes, the platform I became to love so much is doomed.


You Can Help

If you are one of the few people that cares about this situation, you can help by 1 simple button click! I'll even reward you for this easy task.

But you've got to hurry, because time is running out.


How To Help

5 days ago, I launched a contest in which I promised to delegate my SP to 10 redfish who are in trouble. The idea is to bring their SP up to 100, so they will be able to function properly and grow their account by posting and engaging.

Although there must be hundreds of people in trouble, only a few people applied.

This means my contest should be shared with a broader audience.
And that's where you come in.

All I ask is a resteem of the original contest post (which you can find here: 🚀 Redfish Rocket Contest 3: Win A Delegation And Stop Running Out Of RC).

Once you've resteemed, leave a message with your profile link in the comments section below.

An optional extra is to refer new redfish to the contest.
To do so, tag them in your comment below, and ask them to leave a comment on the original post and apply to enter the contest. They should add who referred them to the contest (=your usename) to their application.



I'm setting a @steem-bounty on this post. (You can find out how @steem-bounty works here).


When you resteemed the original post and left a link to your profile page in the comments section below, you will get an upvote from me and receive a share of the bounty.

If you manage to refer new contestants, you'll receive a bigger upvote, and as a result you'll receive a bigger share of the bounty.



This offer expires when the original post has reached payout, which will be in two days from now.

Any submissions that come in later are not eligible to receive part of the bounty.


Another Way To Help Out

I've set up the contest to reward 10 people with a delegation that will bring up their amount of SP up to 100.

This means that - after I announced the winners - the others will still be struggling to keep their account alive.

If you have any SP, Steem or SBD to spare, know that you could prevent a new, talented user from leaving by delegating or donating a little to them.

Basically, a person can function relatively normal with about 75Sp. But if you don't have that much to spare, any amount will do. If a new users can receive 10 delegations of 7.5SP, he's out of the problem zone.

Any donation or delegation - as small as it may be - means a new user will get a bigger opportunity to survive.



Time For Some Positive Action

Ever since HF20, there's a lot of negativity shared here on SteemIt.

You can help to turn that around and send a positive message.

Show people you care, and help SteemIt to survive.


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