SilverSaver888's Weekly Selections, Week 2

Hello everyone!

Following the lead of individuals here, particularly @solominer who has been a mentor of all sorts, I devote one day a week to feature posts by minnows.

These are my Weekly Selections taken from those posted at Ladies of Hive community. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading their blog!

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Is this my greatest work achievement to date? by @consciouscat


@consciouscat had more than 50 different jobs in her life. She has done a lot, tried a lot and learned a lot.

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Meet My Brainchildren!🥰 by @kamarah


@kamarah recently learned to give herself a pat on the back for the little things she does and not be too hard on herself when she makes wrong choices.

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Recent visit to good ole green North Carolina by @melyxaluna


@melyxaluna took a solo road trip to North Carolina to see some old friends.

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ALL OR NOTHING! by @deraaa


@deraaa discovered that when she starts something, she likes to get it done excellently, a trait she just discovered about herself.

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The Life of an Author by @katrina-ariel


@katrina-ariel's greatest accomplishment is becoming an author!

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