Lake Molodist in Bukovel. Rest in the Carpathians

I have some best friends, with some of these girls I have been friends with since childhood, with some ones I met during my college years. It was during my studies at the institute that our gang formed. Our friendly company has remained united even after each of us is married and has children.

When we were celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of one of us, Natalie (that year we all crossed that line that separates youth from cool youth😍), she invited us to celebrate her birthday in the Carpathians. So we have a new tradition - every year, on Natalie's birthday, to rest in the mountains.

We wanted to go to Transcarpathia, to Voivodyno, but they mistakenly gave our room to other people. So we went to Bukovel, known primarily as a ski resort, but in the summer there is a lot of fun, but today I want to focus my story on how we rested on the shores of Molodist lake (Youth), situated in the teritory of ski resort.

The territory of Bukovel

Chalets in Bukovel

Me and my friends just arrived

The queue for tickets to the beach

Lake Molodist is the largest artificial reservoir in Ukraine. This lake is 140 m long, its length is 750 m, and in some places it reaches 8 m in depth. The lake has an ordered beach (with sun loungers, shadow canopies, lockers and outlets), which is about 2 km long. In the summer, you can ride water skiing, catamarans, hydrocycles, etc. Those wishing may attend a diving school or fly with FlySurf. For the smallest tourists, water slides and other entertainment are provided.

The peculiarity of the lake is water - it is so clear that in clear weather in some places you can see the bottom. This lake appeared recently, after Russia occupied the Crimea, many people changed the rest by the sea to rest in the mountains, and the well-known children's camp "Artek" was transferred to the Carpathians. Therefore, the administration (the owner) was thinking about creating a lake that would attract people with water recreation. The cost of creating a lake is 150 million hryvnya.

We are on a lake background

There is a convenient descent from the wooden boards to the lake

Molodist Lake

Time to sunbathe

Me and my best friend

The nearby lake looks very large

I'm on the lake

In short, we rested very well on the shores of the Carpathian Lake. In my next post, I will talk about how we had more fun.

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