If you can see this right now, then cheers to friendship.
Oooppsss. My bad. We should be introduced right? Yeah, I'll go first.

Who is seeama?


My name is Edo-ama Effiong. Friends call me Success or Ama but on hive blockchain, seeama is the name (although you can call me any of those you are comfortable with).
I'm African, Nigerian precisely and I'm currently resident in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.



I hold a BSc. in Statistics. Okay don't be in a haste to think I'm all about the numbers because there's more. I'm a fantastic writer and editor.

Passion and hobbies


I write just about anything; articles, fiction, non-fiction, copy-writing, everything, but my first love is poetry. Yeah, I forgot to say, I'm a spoken words artist too and if you give me the chance, I'll love to tell you my journey through the world of poets and poetry.


Oh yeah, I love children. You know, the idea of thinking I was once that ignorant and innocent and confused and carefree and dependent and phhheewww, intriguing. I love to watch them play, listen to them talk, help them as much as I can, teach them what I would have wanted to be taught if I had to decide when I was their age. I mean, just everything about children fascinates me. And that also means, I love to see them treated properly and given the love they deserve.

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I love traveling and adventures, you might find me in your country or state one of these days (well, after I make enough money to fund my Visa and expenses, lols).



What's more?

Effiong Edo-Ama (6).jpg

My adventurous spirit isn't just for sites and places, it spans far into books, people, and of course sites, that's why I'm here, and that's why I want to get to know you.

How I heard about hive

So, my friend @ekotmordemy was talking about Hives the other day and I thought, yeah, I'mma see for myself. I got to discover that quite a number of my friends are here too. The likes of @Uyobong @salvadornkpara @vicnkpara and many others. Looks like I was the only one in planet earth not using hive. Oh well, I'm here now.

My plans for hive

No, I don't want to walk away with, "oh I know what Hive is". I want to say, oh I know him/her, he's amazing, we've been friends on Hive for a while now. So, you might be seeing me a lot in your notification, following, and getting along as much as I can.
I hope to learn as much as I can, from everyone I can, from every platform or community I can. I want to explore, share my knowledge and experiences, have fun, meet people, just catch up on everything I've missed not being here (if that's possible).
Please show some love so we can get along real good.

Other social media handles

Facebook: Success Edoama
Instagram: Successful_edoama
Twitter: successful_edoama
Youtube link will be made available in a little while.

Thank you


Thank you for having me here, thanks for your time in reading through already. And yeah, thanks for friendship.

So... To friendship. (Clinks)

I'll see you in the comments section, annnnddd...I love you too...

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