My HiveChess Round 5 Story ; Final Round ShowDown

I am convinced, the way one plays chess always reflects the player’s personality. If something defines his character, then it will also define his way of playing.

  • Vladimir Kramnik

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The final round of the keenly contested Hivechess tournament organised by @stayoutoftherz came to a conclusion today with the fifth round. Congratulations to everyone that participated and to tonight's winner @eniolw

4th Place A regular Position for Me

It seems to be that no matter how good or bad I play, I would most likely end up in 4th place and today was no exception.
Interestingly I had the highest number of draws(3) in one tournament today. That goes to show how its gets difficult for me to win games recently. @jaki01 tormented me in the Pirc opening. I got into bad positions quickly and yes it contributed to me finishing 4th and his 3rd place finish, I play terribly poor recently in blitz, @anli would say "slow chess or nothing" But it could also translate that we have a strong chess community . I will have to win consitently to finish top 3.

I have uploaded An 1hr 20mins Video to @threespeak . I hope you enjoy today's games.


I will like to thank International Master IM Daniel Anwuli for providing a new Webcam and lighting for better video quality and I also Big thanks to players from the Chess community for your support in helping me grow on Hive.

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