1 BTC, 1 House, 10,000 Leo, 5000 Hive and Enough DeFi knowledge

Things are meant to happen at the right time. I have mentioned in several posts on Hive how the pandemic provided me with the opportunity to utilize my free time and discover this little gem of the new age social media platform called Hive earlier in 2020. Not all things that happened in 2020 were bad. Look what’s happening with crypto assets and I am certain that millions of people getting into knowing things that relate to crypto is one of the reasons behind this market rally.

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I value the information I gathered in 2020 that relates to crypto, blockchain and the limitless opportunity to achieve financial freedom through the developments happening in the space. This recent initiative on financial goals organized by @theycallmedan and @leofinance has prompted many community members on Hive to open up and explain what they want to achieve. While reading their posts, I was overwhelmed and happily surprised by the fact that how people are taking one step at a time to their financial freedom. The posts also demonstrated how everyone is trying to achieve their own milestones.

For me, 2021 is all about the start of my long term crypto goals that will help me achieve my financial freedom in 10-15 years. Before this, I have never sat down like this and think through my financial milestones. I was always a happy go lucky one who happens to flow with the current. The pandemic and my engagement with all these wonderful people on Hive have sensitized me towards financial freedom and financial discipline. So, what do I want to achieve in 2021 to walk towards my long term (10 years) goal?

One Bitcoin

Yes, you read it right. As many others out there, I would like to own one bitcoin and store it in my cold wallet. I know that I will not stop there but I would like to make sure that I have at least one BTC by the end of this year. I have been Dollar Cost Averaging and own a small amount of BTC. I will continue to DCA and might buy a big chunk if/when BTC dips to the sub 20K price range again (hopefully).

One House

Like one bitcoin, I should also make the huge call of owning a house in the year 2021. This has been on the card for many years but was always postponed due to the thousands of reasons my wife and I came up with. It should be happening this year coz things are not normal and we may end up staying and working from home most of our working days going forward. And, it’s time. It is risky and scary but we have to do this. Real Estate in Toronto is going crazy and you don’t find anything decent below a million.

10000 LEO

This is not a small feat to achieve in one year. I have 2013 Leo staked and I would like to gather/earn 8K Leo in the year 2021. I know it is tough and I also know that I may have to blog and curate the hell out of myself. I am willing to do that because Leofinance is the one platform where I am spending most of my time anyways.
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5000 Hive

I thought about it too. I don’t know why I chose to have fewer Hive compared to Leo. It could be due to the fact that the price action is not happening on Hive and the development is not as rapid as in Leofinance. There are a million reasons behind that but as a user who likes to participate I would rather be in the platform where things are happening on a regular basis. I would like to stake at least 5000 HP in the year 2021. I have 1300 HP at the moment and looking to earn more Hive with my engagement on dCity and other Hive games.

Understanding and using DeFi

I firmly believe that DeFi will be a subsector in crypto. There are already many cross chain Defi apps that are being built and ready to capture investors’ attention. I would like to learn more and participate actively in these Defi projects. I have been experimenting with Binance Smart Chain and various money making protocols there. Gas fees are low and the network is pretty similar to ETH. I am hoping that this semi-autonomous network will help me achieve the financial benefit I am looking for from the DeFi space this year.

Other bits

Apart from these specific financial goals and objectives, I am also eyeing few other coins to hold and benefit from.

  • RUNE - It seem $Rune is something you need to have if you are active on Leofinance. Things are happening and the price action suggests there is enough development to support the recent surge.

  • Solana - I am also interested in Solona. It has been touted as one of the blockchains to watch for low cost and highly efficient transactions.

  • BNB - I also like BNB tokens. The team behind the project are adapting to this new scenario and came up with a smart chain network.

I know, it’s already too much. I hope I will remain active in hive and leofinance and remain in the company of these amazing individuals. I hope each community member achieves their financial goals for 2021.

Many thanks to @theycallmedan @leofinance @aliento @hispapro @tripode and others who are directly or indirectly involved in this initiative.

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