She Is Finally On The Road!


After a year and a half, stalled by two unexpected overseas trips for funerals and two boat restorations, our 1973 Series Landrover is on the road. Complete with a full engine restoration, and new or reconditioned everything, she is running sweet, bar a few tweaks as we go.

The fun bit for me was designing and making the centre console with a bit of sasssafras we had bought in Tassie about 10 years ago. I do like our SAAB seats which make for a more comfortable drive.




Here are a few pictures before we put the roofracks on. So much fun taking her down a riverroad.



The side windows were a nightmare. It took us weeks to source the rubber and the guy send us the wrong ones three times. They also are NOT easy to put in!

We took her for a longer run this morning, resulting in a long list of things to adjust and fine tune, which is to be expected.

Oh, we also put a table on the backdoor. We have lots of interesting ideas for the interior but we don't have time or money for that now. We will use our cookbox set up, which I have posted about before - more pictures to share after our camping trip next week.


I am pretty proud of this man for working his was off to get this done before we head overseas.


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