PROGRESS on the Landrover: Adventures Await!

I really need to change my avatar. People see a landrover and I am called 'brother'. Also the yellow 1973 Series 3 Landrover will soon be a lovely dreamy mid grey, with a pale cream roof and rims. Three months, he said. Three months.

A year later, she is very, very close to being finished. We finally found the right engine oil so Jamie will start her up soon. The engine has been ENTIRELY reconditioned. She is squeaky clean insideand out. I dont know the technical name for that.


A lot of the panels were rusty or beyond repair unless one spends hours and hours on bodywork, which is not fun. We have managed to source new doors, and this tub, which Jamie has spent two weeks sanding and de-riveting, and replacing the floor. A lot of this work is about Frankensteining... getting the good parts off various sections and putting them together to make one decent thing. The tub is close to being painted. Thats the next thing to go on, because everything else gets bolted to that.


Most of the metalwork capping for the tub and stuff like the petrol tank inflow thingie have all been galvansied and will look gorgeous when on.



There are lots of bits ready to be painted, and I am assured it is just a matter of putting it all back together again. I am fed up with landrover bits arriving in the post and am just looking forward to getting her out on the road. We are still tempted to drive her overland to London but the organisation of that is a bit intimidating at this stage. I am hoping Jamie doesn't do another one as it is time consuming and I want to get out and HAVE adventures instead of just dreaming about them.

However, he is thinking about making an ELECTRIC powered landrover... I am not sure I could say no to that.

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