Landrover improvements: Soft Furnishings and Other Manly Things

Last time I wrote about boring old mechanic and boy stuff like winches and engines and Roamer drive. You know, grease monkey stuff like replacing the engine mounts. Yawn.


Now it's at the more exciting but, you know, soft furnishings and 12V set ups. Sorry, can't afford a lithium battery yet @revisesociology but looky looky - cigarrette plug in for back to run compressor or whatever, USB port and fancy Engel fridge all hooked up.



Funny thing, I got it 500 bucks cheaper. I had a full on argument with the woman that the box was NOT the on sale model. It wasn't even same code. The on sale one was what I went in for, as new models are pricey, though I coveted the new dark grey one! Honestly, fifteen minutes spent trying to prove it was NOT last year's model. She was so insistent to the point of grumpy, so in the end i had to just take it. Got home, and yep, it IS the new model. What could I do? Saved me 500 bucks. And she INSISTED. I couldn't even speak to store manager as he wasn't there. Oh well.


It's sooo cosy in there and comfortable!!!! Pretty happy with the easy set up. Jamie also made an overhead cupboard. We got some silver bubble windscreen covers from Kmart we cut down to size for some extra protection for winter camping too. Note big bulldog clips. They come in SUCH handy for all sorts of things, I tell you.



Sadly, Jamie then discovered it's stuck in 4WD. So Saturday night and he's doing more hard yakka under the chassis - the guy has patience of a saint.

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