Changes to the Starbits Millionaire Mission


As every Rising Star player knows the Starbits Millionaire mission is OP (Over Powered).
You can get your 1 million STARBITS back in 100 days if you run the mission every day.

It has been a great incentive for people to start playing Rising Star and we have left it unchanged since we launched it in August 2020 however we feel it is now time to make a change.

Change 1

Rising Star is a game and should be about progressing your music career by growing your fanbase and moving on through higher missions to eventually tour the world, not staying in your little home town and just counting your royalties!
With this in mind the following change will be implemented on Monday 27th June:

The number of fans required to run the mission will be related to the number of times you have run the mission.

So if you have been playing the game as intended the change probably won't affect you at all. If you've simply been bumming around Home Town and neglected your career then you may have some work to do!

The calculation is as follows:

1000 + (100 x number of Starbits Millionaire missions you have run).

So let's say you have run the mission 100 times then you would need 11,000 FANS to run the mission (1000 + (100 x 100)).

Change 2 - Get a 10% Bonus

Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 05.35.51.png

We will also be implementing a bonus system in a similar way to above but based on the STARPRO that you hold (both in-game and on Hive Engine).

The STARPRO price in this calculation will change as needed but as an example:

If you hold 0.03 STARPRO x number of Starbits Millionaire missions you have run then you will get a 10% bonus on the Millionaire Mission.

The "0.03" will change as the STARBITS & STARPRO prices change but the goal is to allow you to get back 1000 STARBITS for the same cost as buying the equivalent STARPRO (or earning it in Music Promoter) and holding it.


Let's say you have run the Millionaire Mission 10 times and the current STARPRO price is 0.03 STARPRO = 1000 STARBITS.
To get the bonus the next time you run the mission you would need to hold 0.3 STARPRO (0.03 x 10).

REMEMBER: STARPRO has a fixed supply of 100 per day (+20 that goes to the game account for future us and/or burning).

This change will also be implemented on Monday 27th June


As always we thank you for your support and hope that you will see that the above is a positive change for the future of the game.

We are also thinking of other ways to reward STARPRO holders as we add more features in the future.

I expect many of you will have feedback and as always we will take your views on board.

The above is subject to change before 27th June.

Please also ensure you read the terms and condition in game related to issuing of the STARBITS Millionaire card if you are planning to apply.

Rising Star - The Play2Earn NFT virtual music career game built on Hive.

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