Hivestats- How it helps everyday to make life easy

Happy new year Everyone.

This is my submission for the Hivestats contest by @leofinance and I am slightly late to write but hope this is still on time.

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What is Hivestats?

Hivestats is one of the tools on the hive that is very helpful and I have been using it for a long time and I don't exactly remember when I started using it but it has surely been very long. Like I use and peaked and in the same way, I use this tool as well to have a track on my account. I don't know there is another tool that can provide so much information but Hivestats itself is good enough that provides everything I need to see how I am doing. The leofinance team has built something which is for everyone on the hive and its super useful.

There are some reasons why I like using it and highly recommend every hiver to start using it if they not still not using it.

  • Neat and Clean UI
  • Easy to Use
  • Works Faster
  • Login not mandatory
  • Entire Leo ecosystem on the same page
  • No need to navigate multiple pages which helps save time
  • Information at a glance.

How I use to track my Hive progress

I am a content creator on the hive platform and have certain goals with hive power, Leo power, etc so with the help of this tool I keep track of the progress. I can see information like- my hive power including received and given delegation, my vote value, voting power, RC percentage, reputation, number of following and followers along with the number of posts published. This is something that we all need to see how we're doing on the hive and where we need to work upon to make things better. This information I can see in the stats tab and there are more tabs that also provide information that is helpful.

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In the analytics tab, I get better information about my hive power and earning or week or month including HBD now which is recently added. Like in this I can see how my HP is growing and my daily rewards in a graphical view. I also can see my earnings in the weekly or monthly format in total so I know howmuch I earned in the last week or month. It even includes curation earnings along with the total number of upvotes received. I earned 147.19 USD as a curation reward in the last 30 days which is almost $5 in a day.

My author reward is $753 and in hive its 464.82 which means I earned approx $25.1 daily through the content creation. If I add up my curation and content creating earning then I earn 30$ in a day which adds up to 1500$ in a month. All this information is available easily and I can see it anytime within a few seconds as this portal opens very fast. With the addition of HBD now I will be able to see howmuch HBD I earned in the last 7 or 30 days. Earlier this was not available so this new feature is very helpful.

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How I use it to optimize my curation

I have taken some Hive Power on rent through dlease because I do curation on the hive so its very important to know the curation APR earning so that I can plan my HP lease accordingly. Hivestatys makes it very easy and I can see howmuch I am earning through my curation.

I can see my daily curation earning, available VP, vote value, and est of all it shows the APR % which is not updated today and it could be because of an update. Usually, it shows between 8-10% and that's why I try to rent HP at this rate. I don't earn through curation because I pay more rent than I earn but its fun doing it. I usually pay 11% for HP lease but don't earn 11% however I like doing it because this way I want to support some awesome creators on the platform.

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There is another option that helps to have closer look at the curation and I can see curation earning post-wise. It shows the curation reward HP, efficiency, vote %, and value and expects payout time. This is very helpful to make curation better as we can plan when is the right time to vote so that I can higher efficiency which will help have higher curation reward. I also show the curation reward for the last 7 days.

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How the recent speed improvements have made your experience of Hivestats better

Speed is an important factor in whatever we do so if any tool works faster means we can do things in less time and it will help us save time. With the recent speed improvement, I can see the difference. Once I refresh the page then it hardly takes a second and data is displayed immediately. Earlier it was taking a few seconds and it gets updated instantly.
This speed improvement has made Hivestats even better and we can save much time while checking the status and information.

Share charts of your Hive account and growth over the last 30 days

Here is the chart of my account for the last 30 days and it can be accessed using

Seems there is some problem because its not showing the updated chart however total value is updated. Here we can see the daily reward, as well as account growth in terms of Hive power and I, hope it will be fixed shortly.

With the help of this chart, we can easily see how the hive account is growing, and its really very helpful. I currently have 12617 Hive power and it will continue to grow in the future.

Screenshot 20220104 at 10.05.15 PM.png

I checked the same on my phone and it worked so not sure of the problem but this is how my account graph is looking.


What features you would like to see in Hivestats V4

As of date, Hivestats is a kind of complete platform that provides a bunch of information related to hive account including tribe tokens, CubDefi, HBD savings, curation, and author reward but there is always a score for the improvement.

We have front end to write posts so other than wring and upvote we can rest of the things here on hivestats however I would love to have some option added over here which will be helpful.

I would like to have some additional options like- hive power down, power up, tribe tokens stake and delegation, option to send tokens including hive and tribe and if we have these functions at Hivestats then I don't think we need to visit another link for such stuff. This we can have everything within Leo's ecosystem relate hive and all of the tribes including Leo which is the real lion on the hive platform.

Thank you so much @leofinance for giving me this opportunity to talk about hivestats and life without this tool seems difficult. Huge thanks for adding many new features and making it even faster. Talking about Leo and its entire ecosystem is always an opportunity which I would never want to miss.

Thank you so much
Stay Safe

(images are taken from hivestats portal)

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