Conflict and hope in the moonlight || Ink Well Prompt #49

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That night, chaos was brewing. Conflicts between the military and political parties create an endless commotion. I sat on the roof of my house, enjoying a cup of coffee and a cigarette under the beautiful moonlight.


There was a loud explosion sound from the west, it seemed like the military base was being attacked by a rebel group. I smoked my cigarette and said, "If all leaders remove the crown of ego in their heads, surely peace will be achieved".

From the roof of my house, I saw a girl running, crying. What was he doing on a night like this? I asked in my mind. I immediately got off the roof and went out to meet the girl.

"What happened?" I asked the girl.

"Both of my parents were arrested by them," said the girl.

"Come on, don't cry anymore," I said, then I picked her up and took her to my sister's house.

My sister's house is very close, only 100 meters from my house. I firmly believe that the parents of this girl are members of a political party that conflicts with the military. After arriving at my sister's house, I knocked on the door and called out to her.

"What's going on at this time of night?" my sister said

"Let this girl stay overnight, the military group brought her parents," I said

"Come on in, I'll take care of you here," my sister said to the poor little girl.

I said goodbye and immediately went home, but at a crossroads on my way home, I was blocked by military troops. I was investigated by them because I was suspected of being a rebel group from a political party.

"I'm just an ordinary citizen, my house is over there," I said, pointing to my house.

Then one of the military members said that I had protected the rebel troops. He accused me without any proof, I got annoyed and spat on his face. Immediately, the butt of the rifle flew towards my face. I was immediately transported into the military truck. I don't know where they will take me.

Until in the middle of a lush forest filled with large trees and weeds, my face looked up, the full moon was emitting its beautiful light. At the same time, the military was already sleepy. I'm sure they're on guard right now, this truck is also moving slowly.

This was my chance, I jumped off the truck and ran towards the weeds and tall trees. As soon as the trucks stopped, they fired from all directions. Thanks to the weeds and trees, not a single bullet hit my body. I kept running as hard as I could.

I was sure the military was still chasing me, so I climbed the tree in front of me. I sat on a big branch and saw five military men still running after me, I hope they weren't looking up. Turns out I survived, they went back to their truck. But, I don't know where this is, I'm lost in the middle of a lush forest.

I looked up again at the full moon and said, "O beautiful moon, I don't want to be in the middle of this chaos anymore, I want to be in a peaceful atmosphere,". Then the full moon grew brighter. I believe that moonlight is the hope of every creature. I walked a little following the direction of the full moon.

Step by step, I arrived at a small village. I knocked on the door of one of the houses so I could stay the night. Then, the door opened, a thin old man asked me.

"Who are you? why are you visiting at night?" asked the old man.

"I just escaped from a military chase please help me, sir," I said.

"So you're a rebel?" said the old man.

"No, they accuse me of protecting rebels, I'm just a commoner," I replied.

"All right, go inside," said the old man.

I finally met a good person. I was allowed to stay at his house. The next morning, I told him everything I had experienced last night. They understand very well how I felt last night because they are also victims of the conflict who fled and built a village in the middle of the forest like this.

Even so, it is very peaceful here and everyone helps each other for a very harmonious life. They advised me to stay here, but my older sister and the little girl I met last night should also be here so that they too can find a peaceful place.

The people in the village finally came with me to pick up my older sister and the little girl from last night. In the end, we stayed in this small village for a long time, until things were peaceful again.

The end

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