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Hi there Hivers!

Greetings and welcome to my page.
My name is Ronna Quincye Anne but you can call me queenbella29. I am from Leyte island, one of the Visayan groups in the central Philippines, lying east of Cebu and Bohol across the Camotes Sea. It lies southwest of the island of Samar, with which it is linked by a 7,093-foot (2,162-metre) bridge (completed in 1973) across the narrow San Juanico Strait bridge.


a risk taker and optimistic bella


(San Juanico bridge) San Juanico Strait is a narrow bridge located in the Eastern Visayan region in the Philippines, separating islands of Samar and Leyte.

One of my hobbies is to write, because journaling helps me externalize feelings I rarely expressed by mouth, in writing I always have the chance to be reflective and ponder on the experiences I have had, and the lessons learned from it.

Mostly, I re-read things I wrote for motivation, inspiration and encouragement that in times when situation gets a little rough I already have something to look back on how I survived the same phase before.

My love for poems and literature has pushed me to create literary pieces for myself and others and dreams on publishing a book in the near future. I am also into reading books as past time, then came to love photography featuring sunsets/sunrise, the beach waves and nature in other words a traveler when opportunity allows. I love to be in company with my family, good friends and people who sees life positively.

My mantra is to “keep going no matter what, and enjoy living to the fullest, nevertheless be kind- always.


sample picture from pixabay


a wonderful scenery from Biliran Islands, Province of Biliran

Thalassophile is a person who loves sea and ocean, and yup that’s me. Just seeing the ocean makes me calm and relieved which doesn’t cost me anything, and I’m so much glad for these wonders.


(Tulaan, Beach) One of the beautiful beaches in Babatngon, Leyte

As I travel for work and leisure I tend to look at wonderful creations made by God, and couldn’t help not to take a photo or show an appreciation. Indeed, this is a gift we should always treasure and nurture. Whenever I think of writing, places like this are my best resort for motivation.


Nature Park in Palompon, Leyte


Sunset views at Carigara Bay, Carigara, Leyte

It is normal to get mesmerized by sunset/sunrise views because they are just worth gazing at. My heart flutters and I am in awe. Because of these amazing creations and many more that I get to love photography. Here we can find peace. The sun is a reminder that there is always hope coming tomorrow even when the light has to set in the afternoon.

245908771_870273000523217_2890274929533255478_n (1).jpg

SM Seaside,Cebu City

“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.”
-Richie Norton

By profession I am a Teacher and still am despite not working in the field of education yet. Currently my way of coping is doing tutorials face to face and virtually, I teach music especially piano together with academic subjects. I also teach in our Church being an Institute Teacher one of the Church’s program in helping youth and young single adults like me learn more about the Gospel of Christ and be able to build a foundation as a person of good character.


my piano class students since 2017



Institute Class at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


Sabin Resort,Ormoc City Leyte


Villa Conzoilo,Jaro, Leyte

Personally, I am grateful for my good friend @arlin19 who introduced me to “HIVE” a few days ago and to @intoy.bugoy for assisting me as I begin my hive journey, to @indayclara for inviting us lastnight for the virtual orientation & the rest of the team for introducing to us about this platform.

Feeling thrilled to be part of this family and hopefully be able to inspire somebody with my contents which would highlight the things I love to do as mentioned above and those that I will and have to discover yet later on. Looking forward to create lasting friendships with everyone in this platform as well. 😊
Again, this is queenbella29 and I’m ready to get onboard! See you again in my next update.


**queenbella29 **

I am Ronna Quincye Anne from Leyte, a teacher by profession, artist and an aspiring writer/book publisher.
Join me as I create contents to inspire not to impress. To tell the world that there’s freedom in expressing what’s going on in our mind and heart.

Thank you for taking the time to read and if this gives a cheer to your heart, please drop some ❤️by upvoting and leaving a comment. Kindly click the “following button” so you will be updated on my next posts here on hive. God Bless y’all 😊

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