LIL: Towers, dogs, flower, sign, outdoor - Türme, Hunde, Blume, Schilder, draußen [EN | DE]



It's really terrific what the LMAC community has done this summer break. In the wake of the LMAC Summer Special initiative, our LMAC Image Library was quickly built, by artists, for artists. Numerous unique, beautiful, interesting and inspiring photos were submitted. At last count, the LIL bot collected well over 800 individual images.

I have only contributed 2 posts of images to the LIL and am truly ashamed of this small contribution. :-/ :-D

Obviously, I had to contribute a little more.


Es ist wirklich unglaublich, was die LMAC Community in dieser Sommerpause auf die Beine gestellt hat. Im Zuge der LMAC Sommer-Special Initiative wurde kurzerhand unsere LMAC Image Library, von Künstlern für Künstler aufgebaut. Zahlreiche einzigartige, schöne, interessante und inspirierende Fotos wurden eingereicht. Zuletzt zählte der LIL-Bot weit über 800 Einzelbilder.

Ich habe erst 2 Posts mit Bilder für die LIL beigetragen und schäme mich wirklich sehr für diesen geringen Beitrag. :-/ :-D

Ganz klar, dass ich noch etwas mehr beisteuern musste.

A beautiful flower I photographed in my garden. flower, plant, green, white, beautiful
It is an old ferry house that I photographed on a trip along the Rhine River in Germany. house, tower, stone, bricks
A watch tower gate in Marbach/Germany (Late imperial period). house, tower, stone, bricks, gate, street
An oldtimer car I photographed near Ramstein/Germany. car, oldtimer, vehicle, technology
It is a place called "Felsenmeer"(Sea of rocks) in Hesse/Germany. rocks, stones, rock, stone, outdoor, nature
My dog Frieda with her friends. dog, dogs, animal, outdoor, nature, walk
On a rocky mountain in Lautertal/Hesse/Germany. rocks, stones, rock, stone, outdoor, nature
A sign I photographed near my neighbor village. sign, street, board, outdoor
My parents-in-law in southern German traditional costumes. (Faces are made unrecognizable. I got the permission.) custume, tradition, clothing, clothes
The sea in foggy weather. (Perfect for adding water to your collage.) sea, water, ocean, fog, mist
Beach, calm sea photographed near Katwijk. sea, water, ocean, blue, beach, sand
I must admit, this beautiful autumn photo was taken by my wife. (Got the permission.) autumn, nature, colors, fall, leaves, outdoor

Best regards | Viele Grüße

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