Wild flowers and moss phone photography

The weather is insane today, it has been raining for the whole afternoon. I had to postpone many of my plans for this weekend and I can't do anything about it. Among all of my plans for today, the only thing that I managed to do is to add some photos for my journal. I'm feeling lucky that I was able to do got some photos before the rain started around noon time.

The interesting subjects I got for today are wildflowers, moss, and a strange-looking insect tucked into a moss. All of these shots were taken using my phone and were also edited using the built-in photo editing app.

I think the editing style that I developed has become my preference recently. It's because I love the nostalgic effect that it does to my photos. The old photo style like this never gets old on my preference. I wonder if this is also the case for other photo lovers out there?

Anyway, here's what I got for today.




Have a great day!

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