"A Look to What's Beyond" (a short poem)


A moment of today is never a moment of yesterday
A petition of yesterday may not be sufficient today
A waterway of today will get an opportunity to be a lake
A possibility of today might be the last possibility of tomorrow

Stars this evening isn't something very similar to the night you're conceived
Your home today may be distinctive tomorrow
Your feelings today change after time
Yet, we are allowed another opportunity to make it right

You may adore a ton, however, you can just cherish one in a second
It is your opportunity currently, appreciate it and act naturally
Be companions with time and work with it
How we spend today is all dependent upon us

We are conceived human
With sentiments, with brain and heart
Be that as it may, we are likewise destined to comprehend
With the right acumen, reason, and mental stability

This incredible obscure will certainly show you how not to give up
This extraordinary obscure will find you a huge number of approaches to endure
This incredible obscure will wound you doubtlessly, however unforgotten
This incredible obscure will allow us to esteem elusive things however groundbreaking fortunes.

Have a great day!

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