[Remake2] Million of red roses

Sacro Speco(Holy cave), Italy, 06/15/2019

Legend is that Saint Benedict practicing ascetic in cave saw a vision of the naked woman he had longed for, so he ran out of the cave and rolled over his body in the field of roses. To commemorate it, it is said that a later monk built a rose garden here.

Rose with Lips Picture

Maybe it's because of a movie or a commercial? Whenever seeing the woman who bites red rose with red lipstick in darkness, it arouse sexual feeling. It seems to symbolizes a very alluring but dangerous deities standing by Dracula's side at the movie scene. If a man falls for her black magic, it definitely make his sanity lost and driven by lust.

  1. A red rose is an expression to convey the purest and deepest of affection. Red is also the color of blood, which again, epitomizes the pinnacle human existence and core.
  2. A dark red or burgundy rose could indicate unconscious beauty.

Too much always cause problems. Rose is also considered as symbol of Virgin Mary and used as medicine. There is rose garden in the middle of the monastery at Genoa.

Antica Farmacia-Erboristeria Sant'Anna, Genova, Italy, 5/22/2019

There are wonderful two songs regarding roses. One is said to be a Litvian folk song. The other is what female singer in Korea remade as 'million of red roses'. Many Koreans enjoy singing this at the karaoke.

Миллион алых роз

Million of red roses/remake

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