škingdoms: Architecture

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A lot of square-nested has been built, but they dream of turning it up higher. They quickly rebuild the traditional out of shit and sticks, squabble over holes, trade in emptiness
In addition to freedom of movement, in the chess kingdoms, one of the basic freedoms is the view from the window, the neighboring one is the beauty of the sky, and right there is the coziness of the narrow backstreets.
Architecture that cannot be rebuilt on piles, columns, arches and a maximum through - is taxed so that it would be more profitable to dismantle it or cover it with a skate-dome.
Everything that remains is an ensemble.
It is better to twist skyscrapers into ferris wheels and bagels on slingshots.
Built in depth can be oriented at any angle. Here, who is the first to dig in, so well done. What is above the ground should be comfortable, functional, diverse and hang in the air without creating the illusion of reliability. Detached buildings - at the price of a spaceship.
Ensembles, ensembles and again ensembles.
All fantasies are made in 3D, leaders - on layouts, and they vote so that there is competition for the place of implementation. And they are sold - without departing from the potter's wheel and plasticine. No one can steal architecture, improvise on themes.

Well, castles in the air are cool things.
Recommended for coliving. Any sleeping high-rise building that sold out together to suckers could rebuild such a property for itself.
Шkingdoms so škingdoms!

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