July is almost over - Hopes for a better August


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The end of the month is approaching and while I was expecting a pump in the market, I didn't foresee one on such a scale. This is Crypto and this is why we never leave. It can take months of pain but eventually, the prices get us excited again.

This July has been even more difficult for me than I previously thought. I am glad some of my problems were solved and my people are healthy again. This matters a lot and now there is the realization for my personal affairs and what to do next.

For the time being, I decided to keep writing. I am a writer and I always enjoyed doing that. Half a year ago I've been given this chance and didn't stop one day since then. Writing has also helped me with an income that is above the average wage I'd be getting otherwise.


Last year Crypto helped me survive. 2020 was a bitch of a year for everybody. I quit my unimportant job in 2019 and was trying to make a good plan for the future. It was all devastated by the covid pandemic and the lockdowns. Looking at the bigger picture, I just hope that humanity will not be affected by this and progress will not be prevented.

I still remember 2008 and how it destroyed my life. I live in a country where the effect of the economic meltdown lasted for more than 10 years. In 2020 it was all going better and I was thinking maybe we can breathe again. Who would have thought a pandemic could strike? Well, some had predicted this.

I also remember the Ebola pandemic in 2014 and how real this threat was. The spread of the Ebola virus between neighboring African countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea was exponential. Epidemiologists around the world were warning about a possible widespread pandemic and the first victims appeared in Europe and the US.

Now, that was a virus. Fatality rate 50%. And another strain of the virus had 90% (Ebola-Zaire)

The concern on Ebola was not even close to what happened with Covid. But knowledge of history gives an excuse for what followed. Europe especially has dealt with far too many pandemics that eradicated its population. The bubonic plague killed about 50% of the European population in the 14th century and this was not the first time it occurred. The fatality rate for bubonic plague is 30-90% if untreated. But even when treated it is still 10% which is remarkably high.

The covid-19 fatality rate no matter its overestimation it was still very low. It was below 1% and perhaps much lower if we count the fact that not all actual cases were recorded.

There are reasons to panic with an unknown disease, but there are ways to avoid destroying the world economy.


Sadly there is still too much confusion on this topic. There is no agreement on the variances of the virus, and the vaccine's effectiveness and side effects. Statistics may show a decline in deaths from the virus but there is still not enough data to decide which course would have been better.

Certainly, the effects of shutting down our economies will be visible for another decade. Just looking at the debt governments amassed, makes our economies look like a joke today.

I have to ask for forgiveness for being so pessimistic, I had to write a few thoughts and again time will tell, hopefully, I will be wrong and economies will restart with robust development.


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