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How are you all doing? I'm sure you guys are doing wonderfully well. It's still a new week and each day comes with different vibes depending on how you want your day to be. I have come to understand that you detect how you want your life to be and how fun you want to live. Well, I always like my day to be filled with fun and laughter because I don't want to always be sad. Now, I know that the remaining week will be fun. Ever since I started learning how to bake and do other things, I have come to learn new things and the more I learn, the more fun everything is to me


So yesterday, we got an order to make small chops in which everyone in the store were engaged in different things. It was fun seeing people happy while doing what they love best likewise me too, I was so happy learning new skills.

Inside the plate we have samosa, spring roll, puff puff, kebab with cucumber, carrots, onion and fresh pepper in it.

I will gladly say that preparing this was quite easy. Before now, I do wonder how they come up with all this combination not until I started learn how to make them and I noticed it was quite easy to do if only you have all the recipes you need to make them.



Another one I love to make is doughnuts, I love how everything came out at the end. We also baked vanilla cake which is beside the doughnuts ๐Ÿ˜‹

I love cake so much, infact, when it comes to food, I'm number one๐Ÿ˜‚. It was a busy day yesterday and I was happy it was because I learnt many things. I hope to become an expert in baking and many more.

Thanks for reading!

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