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Initially, I do not even felt the need to comment this particular accusation. But now, since you mentioned this...

It should be absolutely clear, That I will be doing what I want (and find right) to do, totally independent if this has been announced in advance, publicly, or not? Everybody can do this.

Yes, I am strongly against the removal of DV's, which can be placed now by total freedom. If those voting "YES" win - I would have 2 options: 1-stay in the tribe which was heavily downgraded (as I see it), and play by the rules or 2- dump all tokens and LEAVE.
If I stay - don't you find it natural, that I will have NO desire at all to support those, who made this tribe worse, made less profitable and less successful & flourishing ?
And if I cut completely my support to these people - would it be better for them to know in advance this change in my support, or it would be better for them to find this as an unpleasant surprise?
My current 9.7% stake part of all combined curator power is not a limit, I have plans to raise it to 13-15%, eventually even to 20%. It is doable, maybe in less than a year, all I need to do is "never sell", power up ALL, and every day buy extra 200-220 POB, on top of my curation rewards.
COMPOUNDING interest is such a powerful thing!
(I don't even count on my author rewards, my posting brings almost nothing, it's obvious that hate level to me is to high from most whales.)
So is it bad to KNOW today, that depending on how you act today, you most likely lose up to 15-20% rewards in the future? Is it bad to know? Seriously?

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