QOTW: What are you doing to create memories, make life more fulfilling?

For good and bad times, I have been creating good memories that people may treasure it for a lifetime. I'm a poor woman, nothing to give them enough as a remembrance for being a good friend, a maid or a member of the family. I'm not perfect too but I tried to make everything fair for everyone that makes life's fulfilling. inbound2205851186357898362.jpg

For me, sharing good deeds to all the people around make senses to me better than what material thing given. I'm not the best but better than the rest in terms of companionship and relation. I'm not a trouble maker but a trouble fixer.

As a member of the family

When I was a child, my mother was too young and under her development as a wife and mother. She wanted me to grow up a better woman but she never realized it was so over action for a growing child. She had been hitting me badly though I'm helping her. It was really considered a child abused when my body was hit with any kind of strong materials she was holding. It created scars on my body and most especially in my heart but I never hate my mother but love her as much as I did. Respect to her, she is now 44 days in heaven, I am still proud of what she did, I became a better person.

What memories that made fulfilling in my side, when I wrote a letter to my mother. I went on a vacation in the main capital city after my high school graduation. When I was there, I wrote a letter addressed to my mother how I felt hurt every time she punched me with heavy materials. When she slapped my face with her two palms left and right adding injury to my young face. I was afraid of telling her face to face and I got the chance of writing a letter when I was far from. her sight. I begged my mother not to hit my siblings just like what she did to me. I told her, I would not go home anymore if she will do the same things as me. I knew it was a kind of her disciplinary actions but it was too much and unacceptable. I got a strength as I was away from her.

To my surprised, my mother listened to me and she was no longer hitting and punching my siblings since then.

Being a contract worker of my employer.

Working as a maid, an all-around housekeeper for 22 years is a kind of sacrifice. I was strong when I came here when I was 28 years old and now I'm a pretty 50 years old who have already a pain in my knee. There's a big difference in all aspects of my lifestyle before and today, how I rendered my services to my employer's family members?

But they never changed their kindness to me. Why?

I thought they never change for a very valid reason. From my younger years, every time they told me to do this or to do that, my only answer is yes with a beautiful smile. Even though I was too busy but I made a twist and made a way to do it at once. What I meant to say is that I made an organized system of how to do certain things without annoying my boss. In one word, it's a systematic way of handling multi works. They were satisfied with what I was doing.

Now that I lost half of my strength, they never change the way how they deal with me. I think it is considered as one of my fulfillment, fulfilling good memories with my employer. As of this writing, I am still here kicking for a greener pasture.

Being a friend to my Filipino worker's here.

When I was a newbie in Saudi Arabia, I never saw a Filipina maid here. Most of them were coming from Indonesia. The language barriers made us uneasy to communicate. There was nobody I could talk about something except talking to myself. After a month of staying here, I quickly learned basic Arabic words. I got many Indonesian friends when we met with our employer together. Most of them taught me how to cook and I treasured it until now. I have never been in trouble with any of them. I knew how to sway the dance they played. It's normal that sometimes it happened I didn't like the way they did but I talked to them in a nice way without making grudges.

Recently, for my Filipina friends who work here, I am on their service every time they want something they could not tell their employer. I will buy food for them, go to the bank for them. Actually, they are not allowed to go outside most especially when they are still new. I can go out because I already know how to depend on myself outside. I can talk the Arabic language better and know-how how to reason out.

At this moment, there are a lot of Filipina workers here since Indonesians were being banned five years ago.

Making my fellow Filipina happy, I talked to their employers to come to my employer's house for a party either birthday, Christmas or Valentine's day party. When I talked to their boss, they allowed their maid.

I talked to my employer too and agreed that it's fine, we always have a meet up in their residence.

Being a friend, I see to it that I could make them happy. They need someone to care for. They are already sad being away from home and I don't want that they will feel what I felt when I was new here.

All of the above are memories that I treasure the most. I feel a fulfilling life and I know all of them will keep all those memories with me.

This is my entry and thank you again and again, @porter for the question in collaboration of @ecotrain community and @eco-alex.

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